Wild In The Kitchen: Best Wild Turkey Recipe


Easiest And Best Wild Turkey Recipe

If you have ever tried to cook a wild turkey, you know the problem that comes with trying to cook such lean meat that is almost totally void of fat. It takes special and time-consuming cooking methods to cook a whole turkey, or even a large turkey breast.

Otherwise, you end up with what is basically dry, flavorless turkey jerky. The way around that is to quickly grill thin, marinated strips of the breast.

Marinating the strips adds moisture and flavor, and grilling quickly preserves that moisture. Try this wonderful, simple solution:

1 turkey breast

2 cups Moore’s Marinade

2 cups Worcestershire sauce

2 cups Pepsi

Cut breasts into half-inch-thick strips approximately 6 inches long. Place Moore’s Marinade, Worcestershire Sauce and Pepsi in a mixing bowl, and submerge the strips overnight. Heat your grill to high heat, and cook the turkey strips quickly until they turn white. Flip only once. Serve over rice pilaf or long-grain wild rice.


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