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Tink’s Stretch Wicks

Tink’s has developed yet another innovative product to improve your success afield. Introducing Stretch Wicks – highly absorbent wicks with a stretchy fluorescent orange rubber loop for attachment to both large and small objects. Thanks to the unique design, Stretch Wicks enable you to disperse scent from any location you wish.

Just apply your favorite Tink’s lure or cover scent to the Stretch Wicks and secure them on just about anything imaginable. These will work great on a deer decoy, bow, bow quiver, hat, backpack, blind or tree stand, and limitless other things. They are so lightweight that you can even attach them to small limbs or grass. And, don’t worry about the wicks blowing off of the objects that they’re attached to; the loop holds so tightly that they will stay put in even the windiest of conditions.

Micro-fiber technology makes these wicks highly absorbent, and the extra-wide surface area allows for maximum scent dispersion.

For more information about Tink’s quality products, check out www.tinks69.com, or call 1-800-624-5988.


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