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UGA QB Jake Fromm Goes To ER To Get Hook Removed


It’s common knowledge that UGA quarterback Jake Fromm loves hunting and fishing. A fishing trip in south Georgia yesterday ended with a trip to an emergency room for Jake.

Jake got a treble hook stuck in his left leg during a fishing trip with fellow UGA student Jordan Rowe on Thursday. Jake and Jordan made a visit to Cook Medical Center in Adel, where the hook was removed from Jake’s leg.

Jake posted an Instagram photo after the incident Thursday night with the caption, “Works so good it hooks humans, too.”


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love this kid

Mike Rhodes



Jake Fromm you are a great young man. Love your great attitude about life and your sense of humor. Sure wish I could meet you and yack a while with you some day. Keep enjoying every day of your youth because it seems in a flash you’ll be an ole codger like me ! God Bless you ! Make sure to doctor on that leg so it doesn’t get infected ! Go Dawgs !!