Truck Buck

Hunter: Kendall Golightly
Points: 11 (5L, 6R)
County: Worth
Season: 2017-2018

Hunt Story

After a tough couple of seasons spending more time trying to catch poachers for killing all the big deer we target and stealing our stands and cameras, I was able to go down to my bosses Plantation down in Worth County. This Plantation is run by one of the best guys on the planet who has the same passion as I do for growing big deer. Evidently he knows what he’s doing. The morning of 12/6 was extremely slow. No movement and no pictures on cell phone cams. A big cold front was in route, and my buddy Todd and I decided to stick around and hunt even though the rain could hit at any moment. Driving to our stand deer were moving. After being dropped off at my set it wasn’t 15 minutes and I had does in the food plot. I haven’t rifle hunted much in the last 20 years as I have been bow only. The third round of does, I decided to take a doe at 225 yards. Missed. Shot again, missed. Rusty? Evidently! 15 minutes later a doe showed up at the back of the food plot at 250 yards. I decided to try again to gain my confidence back. Dropped her in her tracks. Five minutes later more does showed up. A small spike cruised thru. Then two does were being chased. They stopped 50 yards in front of me. Something to the right caught my eye. A big, mature buck 70 yards out destroying a scrape. I threw up my binoculars and judged him for a minute or two. I knew this place has some big bodied 3 year olds and didn’t want to make a mistake. After looking at his body, it decided he was at least 4.5 and around 150. I put him in my scope, he turned broadside and I squeezed the trigger. He dropped in his tracks. After around 20 years of not killing a buck with my rifle, I couldn’t be more happy. Freaking Toad! Thank you Robby, Bob and Scott!