Truck Buck

Hunter: Terry Price
Points: 9 (5L, 4R)
County: Hart
Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

I lay in bed Saturday morning debating on whether to go or not. Knowing that you don’t see any lying in bed, I got up and headed out right at daybreak. I sprayed some scent on my left boot and headed to a ladder stand between two thick spots. The wind was a little stronger than I’d like, but since it wasn’t below freezing, I’d be fine. I sat only seeing squirrels until about 8 a.m. The squirrels seemed to have hung it up with the wind. I had about decided today just wasn’t going to be it. So I prayed LORD, if you want me to stay show me something. I scanned the thickets on my sides and didn’t see anything. So after placing them back under my jacket, I stood up and turned around to undo my strap so I could climb down. I saw a doe with a couple of more deer with her. One blew, I’m guessing at my movement, but the others didn’t spook. So I said Ok LORD, I’ll stay some more. I’m guessing I sat another 30 minutes, and I again said a short prayer, I thanked the LORD for seeing deer, the beautiful fall colors and having a place to hunt. I ended my prayer with LORD if I need to stay show me. I once again begin my scan. After searching the right, I turned left and saw a doe within 15 yards. I thought she was staring right at me but for some reason her focus was below me. I then caught movement behind her. I just figured it was the same deer I saw earlier. One or two were in thicker stuff behind her. I thought I saw antler as the deer angled away. I raised my rifle and finally saw an opening in the thicket. I then saw he was taller than I first thought, so I took the shoot. He ran less than 50 yards and stopped. I thought my shot was true but took a second just to be sure. I got down and and walked to where I last saw him. Saw blood and looked in the direction he had went, and there he lay not 20 yards away. As I walked up I realized he was bigger than I had first thought. I then said another prayer thanking HIM for blessing me. I’d be wrong not to mention two other blessings I had. My wife of 30 years got up and helped me bring him out. Then we were able to show him to my parents, dad who is 82 and mom who is “not far behind.”