Truck Buck

Hunter: Jamie Sears
Points: 10 (5L, 5R)
County: Morgan
Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

I had seen the deer the afternoon before off of a cut cornfield. It was on the neighbor’s property about 600 yards away. He was standing with a doe that I had seen all season with twin fawns. He chased the doe up into a creek bottom where I figured the deer would just be a memory. I went back to the same spot the next morning hoping I would have a chance to see him again with no luck. I went ahead and hunted the wind on a stand where I had seen a good bit of activity. I was texting a friend explaining I hadn’t seen anything when a doe and nice 8-point came by very fast! I grunted and text my friend what I had seen. Then my deer came out with his head up looking straight at me at about 100 yards. He had closed to about 70 yards when I got him in my sights. I was able to get him to stop and fire! He fell and started across the food plot. He stopped and looked like he may fall but I shot again to make sure. I got down immediately and sent out pictures!