Truck Buck

Hunter: Dave Yoder
Points: 10 (5L, 5R)
County: Houston
Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

My wife and I went out Thursday afternoon but didn’t see any deer. Saturday afternoon I returned to Oaky Woods and this time I had a boy I go to church with. We drove around looking for a place to hunt, and I decided to return to same area me and my wife had hunted Thursday. I put the boy from church where I hunted earlier and went off to where I never have been before. I didn’t see any rubs or good looking trails, but I saw a track not far from where I went up my tree, and it was in a draw. The boy I was hunting with texed and asked if I found good place, and I answered him nothing great. After I was in my stand a while, I did grunt three times but was not seeing deer. About dark I had already gotten ready to come down and heard something coming. I waited and when it finally was close enough I put my binoculars on him and could tell it was a buck. I quickly got my gun on him and shot, and he ran off. After I got down, I walked a bit before I saw blood, but found blood soon and good blood, so it didn’t take long to find him. I sure didn’t know he was that big when I shot him. I was going to shoot any legal deer I saw. It was not a lot of skill on my part. God allowed me the privilage of taking it, and my little son was at home and prayed that I would get a deer. The rack is a little messed up on the one side, so not sure if it will score as a 9 or 10-point