Truck Buck

Hunter: Johnny Smith
Points: 11 (5L, 6R)
County: Dougherty
Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

After watching my favorite NFL team win their game, I figured that was a good sign and decided to head to the woods for a few hours. After a 30-minute drive and a 10-minute bike ride and walk, I was set up in my ground blind overlooking an acre food plot of iron clay peas. The first hour went by uneventful. The second hour started with a bachelor group of 10 turkeys entering the food plot. They hung for about 40 minutes chasing bugs and then left the same way they came. Within 5 minutes of the turkeys leaving the plot, I could hear deer walking in a wet-weather duck pond on the opposite side of the plot. The first deer to enter the field was my buck. I ranged him and he was at 45 yards, so I decided to wait and see if he would come in closer. After 10 minutes, I realize that he would not come any closer with my shooting light fading fast. I ranged him and he was slightly closer, 42 yards, 40 yards being my comfortable range. So I decided to take the shot. I set my bow sight for 40 yards, drew my bow and settled my pin in that sweet spot behind the shoulder and released. My arrow hit almost exactly where I was aiming, just a little low. The buck tore out of the food plot and entered dry duck pond and I could hear him crash. I only waited 10 minutes before I exited the blind and took up the blood trail. He only made it about 60 yards before he piled up. When I put my hands on him, I said a quick prayer of thanks to our Lord and savior. After examine the entry and exit wound, it turned out to be a heart shot. I guess my team winning their game was a good sign, but I really could have used a couple of them to help me drag my buck out of that duck pond and load him up.