New Gravity Fed Feeder

The feeder of the future is here today. Finally a feeder that is easy to use. Installed in less than three minutes and filled from the ground. This feeder is GRAVITY FED with no batteries or moving parts. It can be installed anywhere from the steepest hillside or in the middle of the field. Straps to any tree with no damage to the tree. Mounts 1ft to 4ft off the ground. It can be lag bolted to a concrete pad or staked to the ground too. This feeder is designed to feed wildlife, livestock and pets.

Built to last the top and mounting brackets are made of hardened steel. The base is made of 18 gauge stainless steel. The tube is a strong corrugated plastic. All metal parts are automotive powder coated matte black to blend in with the outdoors. It weighs less than 40lbs.

This feeder has been field tested in Bear country. Designed with a top and base that locks to the tube a 400lb bear could not damage or remove from the tree. In bear and hog country we recommend 1 ratchet strap and mounting bracket per foot of tube with a ratchet strap to lock the top to the tube.

The feeder comes in three sizes 65lb 1.5ft tall, 135lb 3ft tall or 180lb 4ft tall. The package includes (2) 700lb rated ratchet straps, (2) mounting brackets, top, (1) elastic band to lock the top to the tube with the feed tube and base already locked together. 65lb feeder $289.00 135lb feeder $307.00 180lb feeder $319.00 plus tax. Visit


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