Georgia Cougar Quest

For a full year, GON has collected evidence of wild cougars in Georgia. Now it's time for readers to decide who gets $1,000.

In June 2010, GON put the call out for proof of wild cougars in Georgia, offering $1,000 for the best evidence. Now it’s time for our readers to decide who gets a check.

A year into the Georgia Cougar Quest, we have fielded hundreds of reported sightings of large cats from across the state. A good number were photos and video. On these pages is the best of the evidence we’ve received.

Also submitted, but not included in the running for the prize money, were many photos of tracks or plaster casts of tracks. GON submitted all of these tracks to expert analysis. In most instances they were determined to be the tracks of canines. Those that weren’t counted out as dog or coyote tracks were deemed inconclusive because of the poor quality of the tracks, the casts or the photos. Also not included in the running for the money were photos of dead deer that could not be verified as cougar kills.

Now it’s time to vote. Buy a copy of the magazine and see pages 18-23. Use these pages as a survey; check the box you think best describes the quality of each photo as evidence of wild cougars or panthers in Georgia. GON will compile all completed surveys to determine the best three reader-chosen pieces of evidence. The top three will receive $500, $300 and $200, respectively.

Once you have completed the survey, including the “Voter Information” box, mail it to Georgia Cougar Quest, 4331 Seven Islands Rd., Madison GA 30650. Only one survey is allowed per reader. Duplicate surveys, photocopies and surveys with incomplete “Voter Information” will be disqualified.

The deadline is the close of business July 11. Results will appear in GON’s August issue.

Note: For photos 20, 21 and 22, be sure to click the links below to see the videos before voting.

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Lee Ward:

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