Georgia Hog Hunting

By Glen Solomon | August 3, 2018

Public-Land Hog Hunting In August

Yep, sure is hot. August is always a scorcher. But, how much do you love hunting? Aug. 15

By Chad Cain | July 18, 2018

Hog Charges Officer

Working in law enforcement can result in some interesting calls, but some calls go beyond what even an

By Mike Rhodes | May 17, 2018

Big & J: Pigs-Dig-It Product Overview

A hog’s primary diet is grains and vegetation, although they can root for invertebrates and can be fierce predators

By Tyron Morris | May 15, 2018

Aerial Assault In Wild Hog War

The first mention of an upcoming operation to kill wild hogs from a helicopter on Di-Lane Plantation WMA