Georgia Dove Hunting

Georgia's 2018-2019 Dove Hunting Dates

By Brad Gill | January 26, 2017

WRD Hunt Meetings Discuss Either-Sex Deer Days, Bears, Doves & WMAs

WRD hosted eight hunt-regulations meetings last month to discuss the 2017-2019 hunting regulations. Attendance ranged from 18 to

By Mike Bolton | January 3, 2017

Wild In The Kitchen: Banded Dove Bombs

Uncle Tom’s Banded Dove Bombs Oftentimes in wild game cooking, simplicity trumps complexity. This simple appetizer was in

By Mike Bolton | October 3, 2016

Wild In The Kitchen: Doves In Mushroom Gravy

Doves With Mushroom Gravy Dove meat is lean, thus it is almost impossible to make it tender and

By Randy McDuffie | October 3, 2016

Shotgunning Basics

In today’s shooting world, we have an overwhelming choice of guns, ammunition and accessories that are “best,” right? Maybe