Lake Nottely Fishing Report March 2018

Nottley: Level: 12.1 feet low Temp: 54-62 degrees. Clarity: The creeks and the mid lake are stained.

Stripers: Guide Jeremy Seabolt reports, “Fishing has been OK. We have been catching most of the fish on long points first thing in the mornings pulling large shad and herring. The fish are scattered all over the lake. Once the sun gets up, start moving out into the deeper water pulling planer boards, and drop a few downlines. Keep an eye on your electronics for schools of bait and fish. Once you mark a school of fish, you better get bait to them. They are not staying put. They are on the move. Going into March, the fish will move on up in the shallow water. Pulling baits up on the bank and on points will be the thing. Throwing a Red Fin to the bank and working points will catch a lot fish.”


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