Lake Jackson Fishing Report March 2006

Jackson: Level: Full pool. Temp: Low 50s. Clarity: Slight stain on the main lake, muddy in the Yellow and South rivers.

Fair. The end of February and first of March is usually good on a shallow-rock pattern with small crankbaits on rip-rap, seawalls, bridge pilings, chunk rock or pea-gravel banks. Red-clay banks are also good on sunny afternoons. Tournament angler Aaron Batson said that right now there are some big bags being caught way up the rivers, but it’s very dangerous to get up there. “The deeper pools at the mouths of oxbows are holding some fish. Then those will be the first spawners in late March,” Aaron said. For the main lake, Aaron mentioned the crankbaits-on-rock pattern, but said it hasn’t produced the quality bass yet this year. “We didn’t have a real cold winter, and I think a lot of fish are scattered out. Try a Rebel Deep Wee R, or that new Bomber 4A. As it gets warmer, switch over to the spinnerbait in the mid-lake area. Another good bait for me in March is a Zoom or Strike King tube jig in the red-glitter color. Flip it around the floating docks,” Aaron said.


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