Lake Jackson Fishing Report July 2017

Jackson: Level: 1.1 feet above full pool. Temp: Low 80s. Clarity: Moderate stain in the lake; heavily stained in the rivers.

Bass: Tournament angler Keith Dawkins reports, “July should be a good month for bass fishing on Jackson this year as the rain has kept the water temperature much lower than in recent years. Early in the day, concentrate on visible cover on flats near deep water with topwater plugs, especially if it is overcast. Pop-Rs, 1.2-oz buzzbaits and the smaller-sized Whopper Plopper are all effective for spots, as well as largemouth. If the water gets heavily stained from the continuous run-off due to recent rains, stick with the buzzbait. As the sun gets up, flip Zoom U-tail worms, 6-inch lizards or creature baits under boat docks, or drag them Carolina-rigged on long points and humps. Concentrate on boat docks with brush that are near the ends of points or deep drops. If you like to drop shot, use your electronics to locate bait and spotted bass in the middle of deep coves. I have had some recent success with a 4-inch Strike King Dream Shot. Night fishing is a great option on Jackson this time of year to avoid the heat and the boat traffic. Hit any lighted boat dock you can find with dark worms, lizards or Shad Raps.”


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