Lake Jackson Fishing Report January 2018

Jackson: Level: Full. Temp: 49-50 degrees. Clarity: Clear to slightly stained.

Bass: Tournament angler Eric Perkins reports, “I fished about a half day Dec. 17, and we managed to catch about 10, all spots, no largemouth. We concentrated on main-lake humps and points where we saw the most bait. With the lake clear and full, it’s not my favorite wintertime conditions for Jackson. Normally, we want the water low and dirty this time of year. I’m fishing just like I would at Lanier or any other clear-water impoundment. We threw jerkbaits and 7/16-oz. green-pumpkin jigs all day. Most fish were caught on a shad-pattern jerkbait. If you can find the bait, the fish will be there. I’ll be fishing this way all winter, unless we ever get some stained water, and then I’ll go back to cranking shallow rock. The fish were in 4 to 7 feet of water.” Tournament angler Keith Dawkins reports, “January can be a tough month on Jackson but can be very productive, if you are willing to slow down and stay on productive areas once you find a fish or two. Concentrate on areas near rocky bluff points and banks, as well as adjacent blowdowns. I would keep a jig with a crawfish-imitation trailer on at all times. Fish it slowly on the rock points, and watch your line closely since largemouth often just pick it up on the fall very lightly this time of year. Small crankbaits, like Shad Raps or Bandit 300 series, bounced off rocks and blowdowns can produce some nice spots and largemouth. Slow your retrieve, and try a stop-and-go retrieve, as well. You can also try a jigging spoon off deeper drops and in the middle of deep coves over brushpiles for schooled-up spots.”


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