Lake Eufaula Fishing Report August 2017

Eufaula: Level: 1.2 feet below 190 full pool. Temp: Mid to upper 80s. Clarity: Slight stain.

Bass: Tournament angler Les Bratcher (#bigbitebaits #alxrods) reports, “Eufaula bass are in a summer pattern, but the fish are still scattered between shallow and deep. The water level is near full pool, keeping both bites working well. There were quite a few big fish caught this weekend in a tournament. If you are looking for the shallow bite, the lily pads are a good bet all day long. The deep-water guys can use a variety of ways to catch deep fish. Look to do what is in your comfort zone, from drop-shot rigs to big crankbaits. Fishing should remain the same for the next few weeks if there is no change in the weather. Tight lines, and drink plenty of water in the heat.” Guide Billy Darby reports, “For fishing Eufaula’s south end in August, let’s make it simple. The hydrilla that has been present in recent years is not emerging, putting bass in very deep water. Very few planted brushpiles are deep enough to be holding bass, so look in natural cover near deep ledges in 20-plus feet of water. I am using a Carolina rig almost exclusively with a 5-inch Big Bite Fighting Frog in dark blue colors. Or try a 3/4- to even a 2-oz. jigging spoon tenderly worked in standing timber near ledges that drop off into infinity. Spoons work better when the wind and water are still. Moving water brings bass up to a reasonable depth of under 20 feet—where the shad are so dense that targets are not identifiable—but just keep chunking 20+ to 30+ crankbaits, and it will get your arm broke.” Guide Sam Williams reports, “With the river still up, the bass are holding under the pads and grass patches near the shore. The early topwater bite is exciting. Hollow-body frogs thrown deep into the cover and worked out slow are getting a good bite. Topwater baits worked just outside the cover is a great choice, as well. When this bite slows, we are throwing a heavy Texas-rigged blue-sapphire Strike Zone Meat Stick back in the cover and working it our really slow. We are catching quality bass. The deeper fish are hitting big worms on heavy Texas rigs and Carolina rigs worked up or down the ledges near trashpiles.”


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