Lake Burton Fishing Report January 2006

Burton: Level: 6.2 feet below full pool. Temp: 46-50 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Slow. Fishing guide Nathan Lewis said that he has been catching a few spotted bass, but they are running small. “I have been catching some decent spots throwing a Norman’s crankbait on windblown, main-lake points,” he said. There has been zero surface activity, he said. “January and February are considered big-bass months on Burton,” said Nathan. “Usually a jig ’n pig fished slowly through brush and blowdowns will get some action. A crankbait like a Shad Rap is usually good, too, but you have to keep it ticking the bottom. Spotted bass will run down the crankbait, but Burton is largemouth dominant, and they won’t chase it far. You want to crank it down and make your plug beat and bang against the bottom.”

Trout: Nathan said he was still seeing schools of stocker brown trout on the surface at Burton. Small baits like a pearl Rooster Tail are a go-to bait for the nine- to 12-inch trout.


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