Lake Blue Ridge Fishing Report January 2018

Blue Ridge: Level: 13 feet low. Temp: 49-51 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Guide Eric Welch reports, “The lake level has really dropped along with the water temps over the past month. We’re starting to see some herring float around from the temp changes. We’ve also started catching some fish on the Float-n-Fly on deep, rocky banks. Our next go-to bait has been a 3.5-inch tube on rocky points and banks. Since there is herring floating around, try a small Shad Rap along rocky banks. If you find fish on your electronics, try a spoon or a Fluke Jr. on a jig head. You can also catch some fish around docks on a 3/8-oz. pb&j jig. If the wind is blowing, try the Alabama Rig around docks and pockets. The Float-n-Fly bite is going to get better as the water gets colder. Good luck and Happy New Year.”


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