Lake Blackshear Fishing Report October 2016

Blackshear: Level: Down 0.4 feet. Crisp County Power will lower the lake 3 1/2 feet beginning in November and will raise it back up around Dec. 15. Temp: 81-86 degrees. Clarity: Normal light stain.

Crappie: Rusty Parker reports, “The crappie have finally started to bite on Lake Blackshear. Since I have sold my boat, I have been blessed with friends who offer to take me fishing. I went fishing the other day after waiting several weeks on the terrible summer heat. The fishing trip ended up great. We kept 15 really nice-sized slabs, and the very next day we ended up with around 10 slabs, with the largest being 1.6 pounds. My partner caught the largest crappie on both days. For us, we had the best luck on chartreuse/pink/chartreuse, 1/24-oz. Sore Lip Crappie Jigs. Local tackle shop Flint River Outdoors owner Brad McDaniel has a big fish contest every month, and he had a huge slab weighed in on Sept. 23 that weighed a whopping 2.8 pounds. It was caught in only 10 feet of water, and I think it was caught tightlining minnows. The Highway 280 bridge and the long railroad trestle south of it has been producing good catches of crappie. Down close to the dam and Collins Branch is also producing.”


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