Bartletts Ferry Fishing Report August 2006

Level: Full pool. Temp: 85-90 degrees. Clarity: Clear, some of the feeder creeks have a little stain.

Bass: Poor. “It’s taking six to nine pounds to win tournaments. You can throw white or black buzzbaits and silver or black Pop-Rs and catch a few before 9:00,” said David Lowry. “Fish the shaded banks, docks and trash piles during the heat of the day. Texas-rigged junebug, green pumpkinseed, and watermelon seed are good choices. Fish these in the 15- to 20-foot range. I’m flipping mainly with All-Terrain jigs. Black and blue with a red and black chunk is working. Brown with orange and Texas-crawl are also good colors. In the evening you can catch some on Poppin’ Images, Pop-Rs and buzzbaits. I’m also catching a few hybrids around lights at night with Shad Raps.”


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