Georgia Mentor Competition: Donald Brooks

Daniel Novak killed his first and second deer thanks to his mentor, Donald Brooks.

Mentor: Donald Brooks: “I am a program director for Truth In Nature, an outdoor ministry that mentors teen boys from single-parent families.”

Mentee: Daniel Novak. Donald says, “Daniel has been in our program for three years. His father passed away when he was 2 years old. He shot his first and second deer on Nov. 4.

By Donald Brooks

On the morning hunt, we did not see any deer. After we made it in the woods that afternoon, it rained for a hour and a half. Once it stopped, three deer entered the cleared area. Daniel made his first shot. Then, he centered on the second deer and made his next shot.

“Our youth are in grave danger. Without positive role models in their lives, they have no chance of becoming a functioning member of society.”


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