Truck Buck

Hunter: Blaze Sigler
Points: 6 (3L, 3R)
County: Montgomery
Zone: South
Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

It was the last Saturday of the season. The weather was rainy and cold. I hunted the same stand that morning but only saw a few turkey and a fox squirrel. Several nice bucks had been taken on this stand in the past years, so I opted to hunt the same stand in the evening. The rain had stopped, but the temperature seemed to slowly fall all afternoon. I got in the stand around 4 p.m., and around 4:28 two bucks crossed through a pine stand on my right and into the food plot. As they made their way to the feeder, they seemed to be a little nervous as if they knew something was up. Not wanting to wait too long and miss the opportunity, I got my rifle in position waiting for the bigger of the two bucks to turn for a shot. As soon as the buck turned, I squeezed off a round and the buck dropped. It was a good end to the end of the season for me.