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Truck Buck

Hunter: John Gillespie
Points: 7 (4L, 3R)
Zone: North
Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

Last day off a 3-day hunt, woke up late at 7:15 and decided to go out anyway to get my climber. Was in my stand by 7:45, and he came out off a thicket to my right at about 100 yards, and I could only see a couple points as he was tearing up some small trees or bushes. He was with a couple of does. They disappeared back into the thicket and he came out the other side. I could see he was a big body deer, when he snapped a dead tree he really caught my attention. He was just on the other property as he move from right to left he crossed in front of the painted property line tree. He stood there broadside to me, as he turned and looked at me I saw he was well outside the ears. He raised his nose in the air, and I raised my scope up, put the crosshairs on him and pulled the trigger. He ran back into the thicket and crashed. I got down out off my climber and was walking over to start on a blood trail, when I looked into the thicket and saw white belly and horns. I made my way over to him and called my wife to let her know we have meat in the freezer.