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Truck Buck

Hunter: Steven Hudson
Points: 10 (5L, 5R)
Zone: South
Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

Well my dad and I arrived Tuesday the 6th to a very muggy, wet WMA. South Georgia had been blessed the night before with a much needed monsoon. The first two days of the hunt we didn’t see any deer other than the ones people were bringing in they had shot. By Thursday afternoon we decided to make a move and hope a little luck would pay off. We found a decent spot to hunt with fresh scrapes and tracks. We figured we didn’t have anything to lose since we hadn’t seen anything prior to moving. We hunted that afternoon and didn’t see anything but heck the wind was blowing 20 mph it seemed. I knew the cold front coming in that night would get the deer moving the next morning. My daddy shot at 7:20 and like to have made me jump right out of my seat. Then at about 7:30 I saw what I thought was a doe but turned out to be a button buck and figured I could use the meat so I gave him a dirt nap. Then at 7:45 am a buck which many dream about the opportunity to kill walked out in front of me. He was about 75 yards away but on a mission to get somewhere fast. I hollered for him to stop, and when he did I pulled the trigger. For a minute I thought I missed until looking through the scope I saw the rack sticking up. My dream of killing a deer with a drop tine came true when I got down and walked over to check him out. I was so shocked and excited to see the drop tine that if you had seen me you would have thought it was my first deer again. I thank the good Lord above for the chance to harvest an awesome deer like this one.