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Truck Buck

Hunter: Steve Jones Jr.
Points: 9 (4L, 5R)
Zone: South
Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

Our club and adjoining landowner had multiple trail-camera photos of this deer over the past couple years. It had been a slow week on the property with rut activity so far. That afternoon the wind was out of the NW, so I decided to hunt the Back Pine Plot for the afternoon hunt. I started my walk to the stand while spraying Black Widow XXX & Harmon’s deer scent on the way to the stand. I climbed into the stand around 3:00 pm and got settled in for the afternoon hunt. After about a hour, a pair of coyotes came up on my right side. As they crossed the far wood edge I shot at the coyotes. I then settled back in for the rest of the hunt and hit the grunt call a few times. I looked to my left to see this buck cruising across the far end of the plot. I shot twice at the buck as he traveled across the plot with my last shot as he was quartering away. I then climbed down after 15 minutes and went to where I last seen the buck disappear. As I walked toward the creek bottom I couldn’t find any blood but knew my shot was good. It was getting dark and I still couldn’t find any blood. I walked about another 15 yards toward a thicket when I heard the buck jump up, at that point I backed out until morning. I went back to where I left off that evening and found his sign. I then followed it about 100 yards and recovered him.