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Truck Buck

Hunter: Jeff McCrary
Points: 10 (6L, 4R)
Zone: North
Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

I got in my stand at 6:30 that morning. Nothing much going on till about 9:20 when I saw a couple of does feeding by me, then a deer started snorting and squirrels started barking far to my left. One doe held her head up looking that way and started walking toward the sound. Then all was quiet until a few minutes later the doe came back to my left. I got a glimpse of movement about 60 yards in front of me. I couldn’t tell how big it was, I saw antlers then he disappeared. I took my grunt call and blew it about 4 times and waited not expecting to see him again. Then I saw a deer coming from the direction he went. He walked straight toward me came within 35 yards. I put my rifle up aimed and fired. He went about 70 yards, while I climbed down the tree he went about another 80 yards.