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Truck Buck

Hunter: Susan Russum
Points: 13 (5L, 8R)
Zone: North
Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

My husband and I went hunting this evening. I had forgotten to take my phone. My husband said before we go to our stands, “If you shoot a buck and he runs, come get me.” We each went to our own stands. I ran off two small does going to my stand. Finally, a few does and fawns came out to the food plot. So I keep looking around, and then I see another deer coming up to one of the does. I looked at the deer through the binoculars and saw it was a buck with a drop tine. I knew he was a shooter. I immediately got my gun up and took the shot. He went down. All the does ran back into the woods. I sat there for 5 minutes. I saw that he didn’t move. So, I got down to go get my husband. The first thing he said to me was he must have ran, and I said no we have to go take pictures. He’s down….. 🙂