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Truck Buck

Hunter: Thomas Turcotte
Points: 19 (9L, 10R)
Zone: North
Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

My fiance, Alex, and I decided to hunt together, in the same stand she killed her first deer ever the morning before. We got settled in the stand right at daylight. Turkeys came out of roost right in front of us, and we knew it would be a good morning. We had only been in the stand 20 minutes, and Alex pointed out a deer headed our way. As soon as I got him in the scope, I knew he was a shooter. I stopped him in an opening, had to readjust my position, and shot. He dropped. It took a mountain of will power to give him 20 minutes to expire before we got down to look at him. I had no idea how big he really was until we walked up on him, as we got closer he grew in size and character.