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Wild in the Kitchen: Jerky Gun Venison


The Most Wonderful Venison Jerky

Many sporting chefs are just now learning about a relatively new device—the jerky gun or jerky cannon—and its ability to create incredible venison jerky. The device is available at Academy Sports, Bass Pro Shops and other retailers, and they sell for $20 to $40 each. The caulking gun-like device lays out uniform strips of the most tender jerky imaginable. If you like jerky, give it a try. Here’s my recipe:

2 pounds of cubed venison

1/2 pound bacon

1 cup Moore’s Marinade

1 cup Worcestershire sauce

1 cup Pepsi

2 tablespoon black pepper

1 tablespoon garlic powder

Getting venison cubes and bacon to a semi-frozen state makes them easier to chop. I run mine through a sausage grinder, but they can be finely chopped by hand. Put venison and bacon and all ingredients in a plastic bowl, mix well and marinate overnight. Drain the liquid thoroughly, and load the gun with venison and bacon. Lay jerky strips in a dehydrator or on a bread pan. If not using a dehydrator, dry jerky in an oven on low heat or on a grill or smoker on indirect heat.


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