Monday, December 22, 2014
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December Bucks : Food, Weather, Key Movement

Seatrout : No Shrimp Needed

Huge GA Bucks : 25 Pages of Pics

Glory Days : For Mountain Grouse

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Georgia Outdoor News - December 2014
On the Cover

This 14-point Morgan County buck fell to Luke Wilkins the third day of gun season. It’s been a good-week, bad-week, good-week-again Georgia deer season! Photo by Brad Gill

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Wonder Week For Wilkins Brothers
Two giant bucks killed two days apart by Morgan County brothers, and they were hunting separate tracts of land in different parts of the county.
Back To Piedmont And Bond Swamp Refuges
Piedmont has been a middle Georgia deer factory for decades, while Bond Swamp is growing in acreage and opportunities.
The Golden Age For Georgia Grouse
These hunters knew the mountains in a time when good dogs, better shotgunners and lots of grouse were the norm.
Big-Buck Pics And Reports From The Woods
Hunt Advisors give updates from counties across the state.
Seatrout Without The Shrimp
Capt. Bert Deener hasn’t bought a live shrimp in 20 years, and with good reason. He’s a master at catching seatrout on artificial lures.
Truck-Buck Coverage For Weeks 5-8
Entries are setting records—good and bad—during yo-yo season.
Bass On Beautiful Burton
The spotted bass and largemouth grow big and fat on this little gem of a reservoir in the northeast Georgia mountains.
The Youth Big-Buck Contest
Only kids compete for $3,000 shopping spree and Dream Hunt.
Hunting Club Hosts Special Weekend For Cancer Patient
There are kids fighting life-threatening illnesses who want to spend time hunting and fishing. An event like this is something all hunting clubs should consider.
GON’s Fall Fiction Series
The conclusion of Brad Bailey’s “The Mentor of Blues Bog”.
Wild In The Kitchen: Ground Venison Loaf
Georgia’s Muzzleloader And Crossbow Rankings
The 2014 version of Georgia’s official charts showing the top muzzleloader and crossbow bucks of all-time.
Gear Up: New Products For Sportsmen
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Letters Georgia Spy Cam
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Briefly Scrapbook
Bass Tournaments Hall of Shame
Classified Ads Archery Calendar
Astro-Tables Editorial
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