Saturday, April 18, 2015
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Big Spots : Carters Lake

Weiss Crappie : Shooting Docks and Trolling

Waiting Game : Gobbler Tips For Tough Times

Quest For Kong : 500-lb. Boar, Epic Hunt

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Georgia Outdoor News - April 2015
On the Cover

From big spotted bass on Carters to gobblers taken last weekend, this month’s cover is a cross-section of how good we have it in Georgia for great fishing and hunting in April.

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Clarks Hill Bass Staged Prespawn & Postspawn
Bass are bumping into each other coming and going from spawning areas on these prime staging locations this month.
The Hunt For Kong
The hunt for a 500-lb. Henry County wild boar turns into a three-year quest for a traditional bowman.
Small Lake Profile: Hugh Gillis PFA
Bigger bass are being caught; plus tips for bream and catfish.
Those Different Spots Of Carters Lake
Guide Louie Bartenfield says spotted bass are different, but in a very good way. Here’s how to catch spots in April.
Sheepshead On The Wrecks And Jetties
It’s a great time to get after these tasty bait thieves.
Waiting Game Gobblers
Tips that will help you bag a gobbler when times are tough.
Lake Weiss Crappie Up Tight Or Trolled
Cover your bases by shooting docks and trolling this month.
Georgia’s Lyme Disease Mystery Continues
With only 193 confirmed Georgia cases in nine years, many doctors aren’t diagnosing patients with Lyme disease.
Wild In The Kitchen: Eddie Salter’s Turkey Salad
Gobbling Reports And Turkey Updates
Hunt Advisors report from across the state; photos from opener.
“The Ghost Gobbler of Nacoochee Mound”
Part 2 of a 3-Part Story by Duncan Dobie
Truck-Buck Week 16 South
Truck-Buck Public-Land Wild-Card North
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 10
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 7
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 6
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 5
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 3
Truck-Buck Public-Land Wild-Card South
Truck-Buck Week 3 North
Truck-Buck Week 4 North
Truck-Buck Week 5 North
Truck-Buck Week 5 South
Truck-Buck Week 6 North
Truck-Buck Week 6 South
Truck-Buck Week 7 North
Truck-Buck Week 7 South
Truck-Buck Week 8 North
Truck-Buck Week 8 South
Truck-Buck Week 9 North
Truck-Buck Week 9 South
Truck-Buck Week 10 North
Truck-Buck Week 11 South
Truck-Buck Week 12 South
Truck-Buck Week 13 North
Truck-Buck Week 14 North
Truck-Buck Week 14 South
Truck-Buck Week 15 North
Truck-Buck Week 15 South
Truck-Buck Week 17 South
Truck-Buck Runner-Up Wild-Card North
Truck-Buck Runner-Up Wild-Card South
Truck-Buck Youth Wild-Card North
Truck-Buck Youth Wild-Card South
Truck-Buck Ladies Wild-Card North
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 1
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 2
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 4
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 11
Truck-Buck Week 1 North
Truck-Buck Week 1 South
Truck-Buck Week 2 North
Truck-Buck Week 2 South
Truck-Buck Week 3 South
Truck-Buck Week 4 South
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 17
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 16
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 15
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 14
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 13
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 12
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 9
Youth Big-Buck Contest Week 8
Truck-Buck Ladies Wild-Card South
Truck-Buck Week 11 North
Truck-Buck Week 12 North
Truck-Buck Week 13 South
Truck-Buck Week 17 North
Truck-Buck Week 16 North
Truck-Buck Week 10 South
The Catfish Contest; Family Time On Sinclair
2015 Georgia Legislative Session: Harvest Recording System Coming?
Truck-Buck & Youth Contest Scoring Results
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