Friday, November 21, 2014
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Coyote Research : Kill Them All, Or Too Late?

Art of Camo : Sight, Smell & Sound

170-Inch Giants : Crawford, Morgan, Newton

Clarks Hill : Topwater Bass

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Georgia Outdoor News - November 2014
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November across most of the state means big bucks are on the move. It’s a glorious time to be outdoors in Georgia! Photo by Tommy Kirkland

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New Road-Kill Rut Map Explained
Research shows a correlation between deer-vehicle collisions and deer movement during the peak rutting times.
The Art of Camouflage
Stay hidden from all of a buck’s senses—sight, smell and sound.
Timely Reports From the Georgia Deer Woods
GON Hunt Advisors give updates from counties across the state.
Study Suggests Coyote Control Not Enough To Improve Deer Numbers
A group of researchers are suggesting that reducing hunter harvest on deer could be the answer to stabilizing a decreasing deer population.
Deer Populations Rebound With Coyote Trapping Programs
Landowner testimonies reveal that coyote-trapping programs are putting more deer back on the ground.
Thunderbolt Shooting
Becoming a better shot may take work, but it sure is fun.
Lake Juliette’s Big ‘Peace-and-Quiet’ Fall Bass
Big bass and little boat traffic—Juliette fishes like a private lake.
The Youth Big-Buck Contest
A youngster will win a $3,000 shopping spree and a dream hunt.
Truck-Buck Gets Lots of Big Bucks
Big numbers and big racks so far in GON’s deer contest.
Clarks Hill Bassin’ in November Centers Around The Bait
Jon Hair with Greenfish Tackle says fall is a fun time to catch largemouth, and spots, on top.
Wild In The Kitchen: Dove Casserole
GON’s Fall Fiction Series
Part 4 of 5 from Brad Bailey’s “The Mentor of Blues Bog”
Gear Up: New Products For Sportsmen
From Industry Press Releases
Poached Buck Recovered By DNR Law Enforcement
Meet “Buck,” The Coyote-Stomping Donkey
13-Foot Seminole Gator Likely Season’s Best
Tick Bite Can Cause Red Meat Allergy
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UGA Survey Shows Average Deer-Lease Prices
More Pictures From Georgia’s Alligator Season
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