Saturday, July 26, 2014
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New Hunts! : Legendary Buck Dirt Now Public

Get A Ga Gator : Quota Tips & Tricks

Seatrout : On the Drift

Coytote Cull : Results & Winners

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Georgia Outdoor News - July 2014
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Deer season isn’t far off, but don’t worry... GON won’t let it sneak up on you. This issue might even help you find a place to hunt. Photo by Tommy Kirkland

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Legendary Big-Buck Land Part Of New WMA
The new Chattahoochee Fall Line WMA will offer top-notch deer hunting on the legendary Fort Perry Plantation, but you better have some WMA priority points built up if you want to hunt.
Get Your Georgia Gator
Details on how to apply and tips for drawing an alligator permit.
How The Truck-Buck Weeks Were Won
Meet more big-buck contest winners who will compete for a truck, 4-wheeler and other prizes at the Outdoor Blast July 26-27.
Summer Seatrout On The Drift
There's also the bonus redfish, flounder and sheepshead that could bite.
GON’s Coyote Cull Results And Winners
Great response as first-time coyote hunters and trappers take to the woods during fawning and turkey-hatch time.
Georgia Carry: Guide To New Gun Laws
Georgia Weapons License or not, know the legalities.
Find Bream To Find Shallow Sinclair Bass
UGA angler Bo Larkins marks a map with 10 locations. He keys on areas with bream and rolling buzzbaits in the grass.
Flies Like A Broadhead
Stop practicing with field tips. To be the best when a big buck appears, practice with exactly what you hunt with.
Georgia’s Top WMA Bucks Of All-Time
GON’s Triple Digit rankings include lots of new listings.
Wild Game Recipes: Rattlesnake Fajitas
GON Kids: Marben PFA Kids’ Fishing Event
GON’s 2014 Hunting Land Special
Need help finding a lease, club or hunters for your land?
Sportsmen Sought For Clues On Dermond Murder At Lake Oconee
Georgia Games BB Gun Competition Hits Mark
Gun-An-Hour Giveaway At Outdoor Blast!
Hunter’s Journal: Baldwin Co. Buck Named Fuzzy
Changes To Hunter Education Course At This Year’s Outdoor Blast
Retired LE Ranger Featured In Wyoming Book
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Days GON By: 10 & 20 Years Ago in GON
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