Sunday, March 1, 2015
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Turkey Special : Why Are Turkey Numbers Down?

Allatoona Bass : Matt Driver's March Plan

Sinclair Crappie : Spring Tactics

Giant Black Drum : Monsters Of The Georgia Coast

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Georgia Outdoor News - March 2015
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Gobbling turkeys help make March magical in the Georgia woods. This year’s Turkey Special takes a hard look at declining turkey numbers. Photo by Tommy Kirkland

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Allatoona’s Homeless Spring Spotted Bass
A plan to find and catch Allatoona’s springtime bass on the move.
Fishing Hot Spots For Big Lazer PFA Bass
Joel Milner has been bass fishing this 193-acre PFA lake since Day 1 and shares several places to catch bass right now.
Learning To Hunt Turkey Flocks
A turkey-hunting tactic when gobblers don’t want to cooperate.
Blackshear Bass Around The Spawning Pockets
Guide and tournament angler Jimmie Troxell says these areas can hold both prespawn and postspawn bass—and these largemouth are hungry in March.
Georgia’s All-Time Record Gobblers
Top-10 lists for highest-scoring birds, longest beards and spurs.
Black Drum, Monsters Of The Georgia Coast
Test your mettle against huge black drum.
Catch Satilla River’s Coastal White Catfish
These fish are often overlooked but are abundant and tasty.
Troll Now For Sinclair’s Prespawn Slab Crappie
Tournament pro Troy Thiel says March means crappie will start out in 15 feet of water and begin to push shallower as the spawn nears.
Wild In The Kitchen: Stir Fry Venison
“The Ghost Gobbler of Nacoochee Mound”
Part 1 of a 3-Part Story by Duncan Dobie
The 2015 Turkey Special
Georgia’s Top-40 Largemouth Bass Ever
Jake Decoy Attacked by Coyote and a Hawk
Legislative Session Very Quiet So Far
Lessons Learned on a Rich Mountain Hunt
Truck-Buck Winners Will Be Posted Online... Soon!
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