Friday, September 4, 2015
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Bream Fishing Homepage
For most of us fishermen, drowning crickets and worms for bream is where it all started. And all across Georgia, if you can find a hole of water larger than your living room, you’re apt to come across bluegills, shellcrackers, redbreasts and more in varying populations and combinations. Obviously, some of those areas are better than others when it comes to filling a stringer—and since bream fishing is at its best in May, GON has put together a list of top producers from every corner of the state. WRD fisheries biologists have been instrumental in helping us put this bream guide together and have also been busy on the water checking the status and condition of the state’s public-water fish of all species. One and all, they predict a banner year for bream fishermen, from ponds to rivers to lakes. We’ve sectioned the state into seven areas, and while some may overlap, there are waters that produce excellently well year after year and...

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