Monday, April 27, 2015
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Lake Weiss Crappie Up Tight Or Trolled
The reputation of Lake Weiss as one of the country’s most consistent crappie producers is well deserved. Slab after slab, year after year, the 30,000-acre lake in northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama at the head of the Coosa River chain reinforces its reputation and its nickname of Crappie Capital of the World.

April is perhaps the month that reputation best manifests itself. The month is replete with possibilities for crappie diehards and novices alike.

Veteran Weiss guide Darrell Baker calls April “a transition month,” meaning that the crappie population can be found at all stages of the spawn. The early spawners have already done their thing, a large segment of the population will spawn at some point during the month, and plenty of postspawn crappie will be holding around docks and shallow-water feeding flats.

“That’s what makes it such a great and productive month,” Darrell said. “Early in the...

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