Sunday, February 1, 2015
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Shooting Docks For Blackshear Crappie
When you think of great crappie fishing in Georgia, a few lakes come to mind right off the bat—West Point, Oconee, Clarks Hill. Those are historically great fisheries that continue to produce full strings year after year. Georgia is lucky to have so many excellent and diverse fisheries scattered all across the state. There is probably more than one lake or river within an hour’s drive of most every fisherman.

Lake Blackshear just happens to be an hour drive from me, and other than Lake Tobosofkee in Macon, it’s the closest reservoir to me. I cut my teeth duck hunting the north end of Blackshear and have many fond memories from the lake of limits of wood ducks and even my first black duck drake.

This month, a great way to catch crappie at Blackshear—and many other Georgia lakes—is by “shooting docks.” Shooting docks is a method of bending and loading up your rod and using it to sling-shot your crappie jig low to the...

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