Saturday, April 25, 2015
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Big Spots : Carters Lake

Weiss Crappie : Shooting Docks and Trolling

Waiting Game : Gobbler Tips For Tough Times

Quest For Kong : 500-lb. Boar, Epic Hunt

Latest Seminole Fishing Report
Seminole April 2015 Fishing Report
Seminole: Level: 0.4 feet below full pool. Temp. 63 degrees. Clarity: Some stain.

Bass: Tournament pro Matt Baty reports, “There are small buck bass bedding on sand, and the larger females are cruising around in the bedding areas. There are several different ways to get bit in these areas. If the areas have grass or lily pads present, you can swim a jig through the pads and grass. A 3/8-oz. Buddha Baits In-Seine Swim Jig in green pumpkin with a 4.25-inch Big Bite Baits Cane...

Lake Seminole Articles
Whether you’re ready for a summer vacation, a long weekend or just a day that includes some great June bass fishing, Lake Seminole should be one of your preferred destinations. Especially if you want to catch a lot of quality largemouth bass....

As an outdoor writer, I’ve spent a lot of time on the water with some really good tournament anglers. The guys I’ve fished with are usually at the top of their field in regional or state levels, but none of them fish for a living.
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