Friday, March 6, 2015
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Turkey Special : Why Are Turkey Numbers Down?

Allatoona Bass : Matt Driver's March Plan

Sinclair Crappie : Spring Tactics

Giant Black Drum : Monsters Of The Georgia Coast

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Latest Allatoona Fishing Report
Allatoona March 2015 Fishing Report
Allatoona: Level: 8.3 feet below full pool. Temp: 42 degrees but changing by the minute, according to striper guide Robert Eidson. Clarity: Visibility 2 to 3 feet.

Bass: Tournament angler Matt Driver said he’ll be looking for bass to be on the move this month as they begin to head toward their spawning grounds. During the first few weeks of March, if the weather stays normal, fish will still be in the 9- to 15-foot range. “These fish will be keying on main-lake bait...

Latest Bartletts Ferry Fishing Report
Bartletts Ferry March 2015 Fishing Report
Bartletts Ferry: Level: 0.4 feet below full pool. Temp: 47 degrees. Clarity: River is mostly clear.

Bass: “The bass are going to be in their prespawn mode during March,” said tournament director Dennis Hudson. “You’ve got to drag a lot of slow plastics like shaky heads, Texas-rigs and finesse worms. They’ll start out on the seawalls and work their way to the backs of pockets. The bass will be around the seawalls and the boat docks until the water...

Latest Blackshear Fishing Report
Blackshear March 2015 Fishing Report
Blackshear: Level: 0.2 feet below full pool. Temp: 49-51 degrees. Clarity: Stained.

Bass: Tournament angler and guide Jimmie Troxell did our Map-of-the-Month article on Blackshear for March. “Bass move into the spawning areas in waves, starting in late February,” Jimmie said. You can go into these areas and look for fish on the bed, while also catching those staging to spawn. Later in the month there will be spawning fish as well as prespawn and postspawn bass in these...

Latest Blue Ridge Fishing Report
Blue Ridge March 2015 Fishing Report
Blue Ridge: Level: 11.2 feet below full pool. Temp: 45 degrees. Clarity: Main lake is clear; river is a little stained.

Bass: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “Blue Ridge really starts to come alive in March. Look for all the bass species to start to make the move up shallower and start to orient themselves on shallower structure. The blueback herring are in prespawn mode and coming back up from the depths where they spend their winters hiding from the cold surface temps. Watch...

Latest Burton Fishing Report
Burton March 2015 Fishing Report
Burton: Level: 5.1 feet below full pool. Temp: 42 degrees. Clarity: 7-foot visibility.

Bass: Guide Wes Carlton reports, “The largemouth bite is good on the warmer days. Try fishing flats or ledges. Most of the fish we have caught have been big—5 to 7 pounds. The 1/2-oz. herring-colored Super Spin tipped with a white-pearl Zoom Paddle Tail has been working great. When retrieving this lure, keep the line tight, and try rolling it just above the bottom or just above the...

Latest Carters Fishing Report
Carters March 2015 Fishing Report
Carters: Level: 2.7 feet below full. Temp: 45-48 degrees. Clarity: About 6 feet visibility.

Linesides: Guide Eric Crowley reports, “March is a tricky month for a fishing prediction. Depending on how February plays out weather wise, March can be full-blown spring, or it can be a repeat of a cold, windy February. With the lake hovering at 47 degrees, it can go either way. If the temp climbs into the mid 50s, you can expect the bait to come up shallower, and this will bring the...

Latest Eufaula Fishing Report
Eufaula March 2015 Fishing Report
Eufaula: Level: 1.5 feet below 190 full pool. Temp: 50 degrees. Clarity: Stained.

Bass: Tournament pro Les Bratcher reports, “The spring push is getting ready to start here in Eufaula, and all indications are that it is going to be great. There are a few fish already being caught shallow, and some deep, as well. The water will begin to warm over the next few weeks, and the spawning push will begin. Anglers will be able to catch bass however they like, and with the type bait...

Latest Hartwell Fishing Report
Hartwell March 2015 Fishing Report
Hartwell: Level: 3.2 feet below full pool. Temp: 46-48 degrees. Clarity: Some stain.

Bass: The pros fishing the Bassmaster Classic found most of their bites in surprisingly shallow water. With frigid temperatures, thoughts for many had turned to deeper patterns like drop-shot rigs and finesse worms, but swimbaits and jigs around docks produced many of the keeper bass last weekend. The winner, Casey Ashley, said he caught his bass on a home-made under-spin while fishing a drop on...

Latest Jackson Fishing Report
Jackson March 2015 Fishing Report
Jackson: Level: 0.9 feet above full pool. Temp: 37-42 degrees. Clarity: Lightly stained.

Bass: Tournament angler Aaron Batson reports, “Bass fishing is poor. I would suggest that you wait for a solid week of warm spring weather before getting back out there. Fish are very deep and not feeding much. I caught three keepers that past Saturday (Feb. 21) in 30 to 35 feet of water. Jigging spoons, football jigs and slow-rolled Fish Head Spins are the best bets. Once spring...

Latest Lanier Fishing Report
Lanier March 2015 Fishing Report
Lanier: Level: 0.4 feet below full pool. Temp: Low to mid 40s. Clarity: Lightly stained on the main lake with stain in the backs of the creeks.

Spotted Bass: Fishing conditions have been tough with cold, rainy and frozen precipitation, but tournament pro Patrick Bone said there are two good patterns to try this time of year for Lanier’s big spotted bass. He catches his bass close to deep water but near the areas where they want to spawn. Rocky points and humps near the...

Latest Oconee Fishing Report
Oconee March 2015 Fishing Report
Oconee: Level: Full pool. Temp: Mid 40s. Clarity: Stained; clearest water in the mid-lake section.

Bass: Tournament angler Aaron Batson reports, “Expect the bite to improve during the next month. Rat-L-Traps, spinnerbaits and a Texas-rigged lizard will be great baits. Cover water with moving baits, and once you find concentrations of smaller buck bass, slow way down and work the Texas-rigged lizard deeper and slower for the bigger bites. Look at the mouths of major creeks...

Latest Russell Fishing Report
Russell March 2015 Fishing Report
Russell: Level: 0.6 feet below full pool. Temp: Mid 40s. Clarity: Clear with some stained water up the major creeks.

Bass: Good. Tournament angler Trad Whaley said it’s been standard Lake Russell of late, plenty of numbers—mostly spotted bass—but the quality bass are tougher to find. “It’s been taking 13 to 15 pounds to win the pot tournaments,” Trad said. “The bass are way behind schedule, but they are scattered now and should start...

Latest Saltwater Fishing Report
Saltwater March 2015 Fishing Report
Saltwater: Inshore: Capt. David Newlin reports, “The sheepshead bite has been real good, both inshore and offshore. However, the fiddler crab supply has been real low. The only way to get them has been digging them up, which is a lot of work. Shucked oysters and clams will work but not as good as fiddler crabs. Some of the bait dealers should be getting some fiddlers in the next few weeks. The month of March should make a lot of fish start biting. The sheepshead bite will get hot, and the...

Latest Seminole Fishing Report
Seminole March 2015 Fishing Report
Seminole: Level: 0.3 feet above full pool. Temp. 50 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Tournament pro Matt Baty reports, “Lake Seminole is fishing pretty tough right now due to the extreme cold front. With that said, we are still talking about Lake Seminole, which is close to being one of the top lakes in the country, so catching a giant stringer of fish is possible under any conditions. The most recent tournament was won with a whopping 35.70 pounds, and second place had 31.04...

Latest Sinclair Fishing Report
Sinclair March 2015 Fishing Report
Sinclair: Level: 1.1 feet low. Temp: 42-48 degrees. Clarity: Light stain.

Bass: Tournament angler Aaron Batson reports, “Fish are wanting to move shallow, but cold nights have slowed their progress. Once we get water near 50 degrees, expect the bite to improve a ton. Look at grassbeds and docks near deep water. ChatterBaits, spinnerbaits and Net Boy Baits jigs will catch them well. Concentrate on banks in 7 to 10 feet of water.”
Latest Weiss Fishing Report
Weiss March 2015 Fishing Report
Weiss: Level: 3.4 feet below full pool. Temp: Mid 40s. Clarity: Stained.

Bass: Fair. Guide Mark Collins reports, “A lot of bass are on the old creek and river channel ledges and deeper humps and roadbeds. Carolina-rigged plastics, Texas-rigged Senkos and jigs are producing some bass. The Alabama Rig is catching fish, also. The ledges in Little River and the Chattooga River are producing better-sized bass. Some bass are being caught shallow on deeper banks with rocks. Spotted...

Latest West Point Fishing Report
West Point March 2015 Fishing Report
West Point: Level: 4.6 feet below full. Temp: Upper 40s. Clarity: Stained.

Bass: Fair. Guide Keith Hudson reports, “We still seem to be stuck in this winter weather pattern for at least a little longer. As long as the weather remains cold and the lake continues to drop and clear up, expect the largemouth bite to continue to be fair at best around rip-rap rocks, shallow wood or brush cover or around baitfish schools in the shallows. Shallow-water baits such as ChatterBaits,...

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