Sunday, December 21, 2014
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December Bucks : Food, Weather, Key Movement

Seatrout : No Shrimp Needed

Huge GA Bucks : 25 Pages of Pics

Glory Days : For Mountain Grouse

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Latest Allatoona Fishing Report
Allatoona December 2014 Fishing Report
Allatoona: Level: 10 feet below full pool. Temp: Low to mid 50s. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Tournament angler Matt Driver reports, “The month of December on Allatoona is a little different this year. We are ahead of schedule with water temps in the mid to low 50s at the end of November. This month should be fun because it’s setting up great for a jerkbait, Float-n-Fly and A-rig bite. The Float-n-Fly bite started in late November and will only get better in December. Fishing...

Latest Bartletts Ferry Fishing Report
Bartletts Ferry December 2014 Fishing Report
Bartletts Ferry: Level: 0.6 feet below full pool. Temp: 55 degrees. Clarity. Light stain.

Bass: Slow. Tournament director and angler Dennis Hudson says the cold nights and dramatic change in water temperature has few anglers fishing, and those who are fishing are struggling for answers. “It’s tough,” he said. “We had a tournament here, and only three boats showed up. It was tough finding a few fish. The bass have moved out over deeper water, and I guess...

Latest Blackshear Fishing Report
Blackshear December 2014 Fishing Report
Blackshear: Level: 3.5 feet low Temp: 57 degrees.

Crappie: Rusty Parker reports, “Wow! The crappie seem to continue biting at a great rate, even with the cold weather. The last time I went was the first of last week and was able to limit out both days. I am catching most of the crappie by tightlining minnows, and when I get tired out, I will anchor and tightline and cast jigs with great results. Of course I have been using the R.A.G. Fly Jigs, and the best color for me has...

Latest Burton Fishing Report
Burton December 2014 Fishing Report
Burton: Level: 12.7 feet low. Temp: 52 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Guide Wes Carlton reports, “The spotted bass are glued to the bottom. We have seen very little topwater action over the last few weeks. We rely heavily on our electronics this time of year when trying to find the bigger fish. Most of the big spots are on the bottom in 20 to 32 feet of water. Casting a sinking swimbait seems to be the ticket (white). Most of the bites we have been getting are very soft, so...

Latest Carters Fishing Report
Carters December 2014 Fishing Report
Carters: Level: 2.2 feet low. Temp: 59 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Good. Guide Louie Bartenfield reports, “I’ve actually been on a good bite fishing 8 to 20 feet deep. Spotted bass are feeding heavily on crayfish and bream as of late. I’ve had a lot of this forage spit up. Most of these fish are in less than 20 feet of water and have been eating a SpotSticker casting jig and a drop-shot or shaky-head rig. I’m targeting steeper rock banks in all the...

Latest Clarks Hill Fishing Report
Clarks Hill December 2014 Fishing Report
Clarks Hill: Level: 6 feet low. Temp: 57-58 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Good. Tournament fisherman Jon Hair reports, “The fish are starting to make a push toward the ditches. Start about halfway back, and fish grasslines with a Greenfish Tackle Big Rubber Jig or a Creeper Head with a Zoom Speed Craw. Try the awesome new color called Clarks Hill Craw. You can get these baits at The Tackle Shop. Also look for schooling fish around this grass and have a weightless fluke...

Latest Eufaula Fishing Report
Eufaula December 2014 Fishing Report
Eufaula: Level: 3.4 feet below 190 full pool. Temp: Mid 50s. Clarity: Stained.

Bass: Tournament angler Les Bratcher reports, “The fall bite has picked up at Eufaula. Anglers are catching bass offshore on the ledges as well as shallow in the hydrilla. It took 40 pounds for a two-day total to win the Eufaula Bass Trail classic this last weekend. Anglers are catching bass on a variety of baits. Deep crankbaits, Alabama-rigs and jigs are catching offshore bass. Spooks,...

Latest Hartwell Fishing Report
Hartwell December 2014 Fishing Report
Hartwell: Level: 5.5 feet low. Temp: Mid 50s.

Bass: Tournament fisherman Kerry Partain reports, “The bass are starting to stack up in creeks, ditches and major pockets, so December should be a good month to load the boat. With the water temperature dropping into the 50s, the bass are really keying on bait to fatten up for the winter. When I find the bait and fish on my Lowrance, I will use a drop shot and a jigging spoon to mimic the bait they are feeding on. If you notice...

Latest Jackson Fishing Report
Jackson December 2014 Fishing Report
Jackson: Level: 0.9 feet low. Temp: 52-56 degrees. Clarity: Light stained.

Bass: Aaron Batson reports, “Bass have moved deep into 18 to 28 feet of water. I am catching fish on deep-diving crankbaits, like a 5XD or 6XD and also a 3/4-oz. Net Boy Baits FootBall Jig. Tip the jig with a 5-inch Trixster Custom Baits Crusty Craw trailer in rootbeer or green-pumpkin color. There are a few schooling spots on warm days down the lake, and they have been chunks. Keep a Fish Head Spin...

Latest Lanier Fishing Report
Lanier December 2014 Fishing Report
Lanier: Level: 3.9 feet, which is up a bit after recent rains. Temp: Mid 50s. Clarity: Clear on the main lake and lightly stained in the creeks and rivers.

Bass: Guide Ryan Coleman reports, “There are a good many fish still up shallow and holding in the backs of the creeks. They are in 10 to 25 feet of water in little ditches and creek channels and are feeding best early. I am catching them on bottom baits like jigs and worms, but also on crankbaits in the ditches and...

Latest Oconee Fishing Report
Oconee December 2014 Fishing Report
Oconee: Level: Full. Temp: 54-56 degrees. Clarity: Lightly stained.

Bass: Good. Tournament fisherman Aaron Batson reports, “Bass fishing is fair. Colder-than-normal weather has really hurt the shallow bite. Bait and bass are moving toward deeper water. Look for fish in 15 to 25 feet of water with your graph, and fish vertically over them with 7/8-oz. War Eagle silver spoons. Also, fish a drop-shot worm, like a 5-inch Trixster Custom Baits Money Maker worm in watermelon and...

Latest Russell Fishing Report
Russell December 2014 Fishing Report
Russell: Level: 2 feet below full pool. Temp: 53-56 degrees.

Bass: Kerry Partain reports, “The spotted bass on Russell are absolutely gorging themselves on shad right now, and December should be one of the best months to catch them. There are a lot of gulls and loons starting to show up, so always keep an eye out for them. They can take some of the guess work out, and you can load the boat quick in the right areas at the right time. Most of the bait and bass seem to be in 25...

Latest Saltwater Fishing Report
Saltwater December 2014 Fishing Report
Saltwater: Inshore: Capt. David Newlin reports, “The weather has been crazy, windy, cold and just plain miserable. The trout have been biting good, catching a lot of keeping-size fish mixed with a whole lot of small fish. All the usual artificial baits have been working, as well as the old reliable live shrimp under a cork. Very shortly the trout will head for deeper water, deep turns in creeks and bluffs with some trees in the water. When this happens, fish a jig on light line real slow...

Latest Seminole Fishing Report
Seminole December 2014 Fishing Report
Seminole: Level: 0.7 feet low. Temp. 57 degrees. The Spring Creek Landing is now open.

Bass: Guide Aaron Crews reports, “The team of Brad Reynolds and Scott Barefoot won the Big Bass Battle Tournament with a 7-lb. bass caught on a KVD jerkbait in sexy-ghost-shad color (KVD J200). This was good for an $11,000 pay day. The mornings are getting cooler now. Therefore, 10 1/2-inch worms in red flake are working for Brandon Taylor in the mornings. Shad-pattern frogs are working in...

Latest Sinclair Fishing Report
Sinclair December 2014 Fishing Report
Sinclair: Level: 1.6 feet low. Temp: 54-56 degrees. Clarity: Light stained.

Bass: Fair. Tournament fisherman Aaron Batson reports, “Bass have moved out of the coves and out on the main-lake points, humps and channel ledges. Carolina-rigged worms are getting bit. Try a Trixster Custom Baits 6-inch Money Maker worm in redbug and junebug for bites. Concentrate on red clay and rock in the winter. Also try a 3/4-oz. Net Boy Baits FootBall Jig in the same areas.”

Latest Weiss Fishing Report
Weiss December 2014 Fishing Report
Weiss: Level: 3.9 feet below full pool. Temp: 55-57 degrees. Clarity: Stained.

Bass: Guide Mark Collins reports, “Bass fishing is good. Most bass are shallow in the bays and coves following the shad. Rat-L-Traps, flat-sided crankbaits and spinnerbaits are producing good right now. Look for this cold front (Nov. 17) to shut the bass down for a few days.”

Crappie: “The fishing is great,” Mark said. “They are on the old Coosa River channel...

Latest West Point Fishing Report
West Point December 2014 Fishing Report
West Point: Level: 4.7 feet below full pool. Temp: 55-59 degrees. Clarity: Mostly clear.

Bass: Good. Guide Keith Hudson reports, “Expect the largemouth bite to continue to be fair around any shallow wood or brush cover or around baitfish schools, especially north of Highland in the Hooch. These bass will hit shallow-water baits such as ChatterBaits, Strike King KVD 1.0 and 1.5 crankbaits and topwater baits such as Zara Spooks and Pop-Rs. A warming trend or heavy rain will...

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