Saturday, September 20, 2014
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Bow Special : County Rankings, P&Y Map, More

10-Yr. Deer Plan : Hearings Held, Hunters Heard

State-Record : 20.88-lb. Brown Trout

World-Record : 15-ft. 1,000-lb. Gator

Latest Hartwell Fishing Report
Hartwell September 2014 Fishing Report
Hartwell: Level: 3 feet below full pool. Temp: 85 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Tournament fisherman Kerry Partain reports, “Bass fishing is changing weekly with the weather conditions. The bait and bass have been concentrated at the mouths of creeks around the points and humps, but with the warmer weather, I expect them to move out to the main-lake humps, points and submerged timber. The past couple of weeks there has been more schooling activity, especially late in the...

Lake Hartwell Articles
As a fisherman, Chris Powell is most at home when he is on the pointy end of a bass boat with rods scattered at his feet and a target in range of his next cast. If that bass boat is on Lake Hartwell, then Chris is not just at home, he is in his own...

The chill of winter puts far too many anglers on the sidelines. Some of the biggest and most impressive stringers of fish you will ever see are caught in early February while air and water temperatures are at their lowest. My advice is to put on...

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