Monday, September 15, 2014
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Double D Feeder

Bow Special : County Rankings, P&Y Map, More

10-Yr. Deer Plan : Hearings Held, Hunters Heard

State-Record : 20.88-lb. Brown Trout

World-Record : 15-ft. 1,000-lb. Gator

Latest Clarks Hill Fishing Report
Clarks Hill September 2014 Fishing Report
Clarks Hill: Level: 3.1 feet below full pool. Temp: Mid to low 80s. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Good. Tournament fisherman Jon Hair reports, “The best bite right now is shallow. Pick up a Greenfish Tackle Shark double-blade buzzbait, and cover water all day. A shady bank that is close to deep water is a good area to concentrate on. The hydrilla is coming back, and fish will hold in and around it, so it is a good cover to fish. There is still a deep bite at 15 to 25 feet off humps...

Clarks Hill Articles
Summer is a great time for outdoor recreational activity, particularly if it has anything to do with water. Clark Hill, near Augusta, is a favorite of local residents and fun seekers from both Georgia and South Carolina who show up in large numbers...

If you wait for the peak of spawning in March to go crappie fishing, you are missing out on some of the best fishing of the year, especially for big fish. Clarks Hill, a 71,000-acre reservoir on the Savannah River, offers great crappie...

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