Monday, January 26, 2015
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Going Hog Wild!
Deer season had just ended in 2014. It was on a Saturday, and there was no football on television, so I grabbed my Obsession Sniper bow and fanny pack, grabbed some camouflage and my rubber boots, and headed to the swamp to stalk a hog in the Oconee river basin.

I have been stalking hogs in the off-season for more than 30 years now.

After a 45-minute truck ride, a 15-minute 4-wheeler ride, and a 10-minute walk, I was slipping through some thick cane that had quite a few mast trees scattered about. I was hoping to catch up with some hogs turning leaves over looking for any acorns left over from the late fall.

They don’t just eat acorns. Worms, grubs, salamanders, snakes and pretty much anything they find under the leaf litter that is edible is fair game to a wild hog.

I had not gone far when I heard a hog squeal a couple hundred yards away. I quickened my pace to close the distance, stopping every so often to stop and...

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Taxidermist Steve Ward knows a big deer when he sees one, and he’s picky when it comes to taking a shot. But as most deer hunters know, recognizing a really big buck takes only a moment....

Boom! The thunderous gobbling abruptly ends. It’s the perfect end to a perfect morning. Subduing the flopping bird, it’s time to head back...

Small Game
My memories of hunting the ruffed grouse in Georgia’s high mountains began back in 1956 when I was taken under the wing and taught about a great game bird. The grouse hunter who I was taught by was none other than Arthur (Fats) Truelove, of Hall County. Ask any Georgia grouse hunter, from years past, and they probably knew or have heard of Fats Truelove’s grouse hunting. Arthur was born into a hunting family back in 1923. This family raised cotton in...

The later the better, that’s how some duck hunters view the often painful wait for birds to show up in Georgia. This year might be one of those rare seasons when waiting will mean missing out on some good duck hunting. Greg Balcom, a WRD senior wildlife biologist and our state waterfowl biologist, is expecting a very good duck season, and he thinks ducks might show up early this year. “I think we’re going to have a good season for a...

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