Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Double "D" Gravity Feeder

December Bucks : Food, Weather, Key Movement

Seatrout : No Shrimp Needed

Huge GA Bucks : 25 Pages of Pics

Glory Days : For Mountain Grouse

The Golden Age For Georgia Grouse
My memories of hunting the ruffed grouse in Georgia’s high mountains began back in 1956 when I was taken under the wing and taught about a great game bird. The grouse hunter who I was taught by was none other than Arthur (Fats) Truelove, of Hall County.

Ask any Georgia grouse hunter, from years past, and they probably knew or have heard of Fats Truelove’s grouse hunting.

Arthur was born into a hunting family back in 1923. This family raised cotton in the summer and hunted quail, known simply as “birds,” all the winter months. This family of shooters consisted of Arthur’s pa and grandpa. The bird hunts they did were done on foot from the homestead to many areas in a different directions each day and covered 12 to 15 miles. Most weeks they hunted six days a week.

Going to the Truelove’s home when I was just a 16-year-old lad and listening to their bird-hunting stories, it was better than reading Sports...

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A 150-class buck is special, but when a 10-year-old kid is the hunter, it becomes water-cooler chatter. The lucky hunter was Randal Holder (aka Boom), of Hawkinsville, and he killed the...

Boom! The thunderous gobbling abruptly ends. It’s the perfect end to a perfect morning. Subduing the flopping bird, it’s time to head back...

Small Game
The later the better, that’s how some duck hunters view the often painful wait for birds to show up in Georgia. This year might be one of those rare seasons when waiting will mean missing out on some good duck hunting. Greg Balcom, a WRD senior wildlife biologist and our state waterfowl biologist, is expecting a very good duck season, and he thinks ducks might show up early this year. “I think we’re going to have a good season for a...

One or more poachers have ruined duck-hunting memories that were to be made this Saturday as duck season opens in Georgia. While doing regular checks in Laurens County on Riverbend and Beaverdam WMAs yesterday, Nov. 19, Wildlife Technician Robert Sanders found multiple sites where violators placed corn to attract ducks. "We are having to post sites at both River Bend and Beaverdam WMAs as closed for waterfowl hunting indefinitely, until all the bait is...

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