Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Get Your Georgia Gator
From the start, when a season was established in 2003, a permit to hunt a Georgia alligator has been a hot-ticket item. The number of permits available has risen over the past decade from 180 that first year to 850 now, but the number of permits available is still a drop in the bucket compared to demand.

Last year, 7,313 folks applied for one of the 850 Georgia alligator permits. (This is the number of individuals who made “first-choice” applications—you might hear numbers above 10,000 for applicants, but that’s double and triple counting hunters who make second and third choices.)

You might think... Dang, 850 permits out of 7,313 folks, that’s almost 12 percent odds to get picked... those aren’t good odds, but it’s a chance.

The reality is that because of a preference-point system your odds are zero of getting a Georgia alligator permit without at least two preference points. An applicant gets one...

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Chris Metcalf is a long-time member of the 7,500-acre Harris County Sportsman’s Club, land that was part of what was once known as Rocky Branch Plantation. If the name rings a bell, it’s...

Boom! The thunderous gobbling abruptly ends. It’s the perfect end to a perfect morning. Subduing the flopping bird, it’s time to head back...

Small Game
Thanks to a surge of cold air that blew through the state on Wednesday, Feb. 26, rabbit hunters will gladly take a pair of comfortable days to finish out rabbit season, which will close at dark on Friday, Feb. 28. GON Forum member "J Mitchell" pretty much sums up the feelings of all rabbit hunters on a recent post on the GON web forum: "Hot weather and rabbit hunting don't go together." For the last several weeks, temperatures have been in the...

It’s amazing how seemingly minor events can evolve into memorable experiences. Such was the case when I joined Ronnie Kirk and his 88-year-old dad, Hoby, for a morning rabbit hunt on Dec. 11, 2013. Ronnie and I have been fishing friends for many years, and Ronnie had often talked about his dad’s beagles and his love for chasing rabbits. I had known Mr. Kirk only casually from running into him and Ronnie on the lake. I readily accepted their invitation for a rabbit...

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