Saturday, September 20, 2014
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Bow Special : County Rankings, P&Y Map, More

10-Yr. Deer Plan : Hearings Held, Hunters Heard

State-Record : 20.88-lb. Brown Trout

World-Record : 15-ft. 1,000-lb. Gator

Lee County Buck Of A Lifetime
I started hunting this buck when I got my first picture of him on Oct. 22 close to my favorite stand. This particular area I am hunting is deep in the hardwoods and about a quarter mile from the next closest deer stand. It lies between two large beaver ponds where deer and big bucks like to funnel through.

Last year I believe I may have seen this buck once, but I did not get any photos of him from any of my trail cameras. I still remember vividly the day I first got pictures. For the last few years, I had been waiting for a stud buck that I could hunt really hard with my bow. Since I had put my cameras out in August, the largest mature buck I had was a 130-class 8-point.

After I had gotten the first pictures of him, I moved all my other cameras in the area, so I could try to get him patterned. I also began keeping plenty of corn on the ground. A few weeks passed, and I did not get any more photos of him. I started to wonder if he had just been moving...

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Chris Metcalf is a long-time member of the 7,500-acre Harris County Sportsman’s Club, land that was part of what was once known as Rocky Branch Plantation. If the name rings a bell, it’s...

Boom! The thunderous gobbling abruptly ends. It’s the perfect end to a perfect morning. Subduing the flopping bird, it’s time to head back...

Small Game
Clint Shipman won his third—and likely final—Georgia state duck-calling championship by topping a tough field of nine of the state’s elite competition duck callers. The event was held July 27 during GON’s Outdoor Blast at the Gwinnett Center. After a third state title, there is an unwritten but widely followed rule that duck callers don’t return to a state-championship event. Clint was the Georgia state champion in 2008 and 2010. With...

Thanks to a surge of cold air that blew through the state on Wednesday, Feb. 26, rabbit hunters will gladly take a pair of comfortable days to finish out rabbit season, which will close at dark on Friday, Feb. 28. GON Forum member "J Mitchell" pretty much sums up the feelings of all rabbit hunters on a recent post on the GON web forum: "Hot weather and rabbit hunting don't go together." For the last several weeks, temperatures have been in the...

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