Monday, July 28, 2014
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Seatrout : On the Drift

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A Day On Seminole With Wild-Man Ike
As an outdoor writer, I’ve spent a lot of time on the water with some really good tournament anglers. The guys I’ve fished with are usually at the top of their field in regional or state levels, but none of them fish for a living.

When I saw that the B.A.S.S. Elite Series was coming to a lake nearby, I knew I had a good chance at getting a ride-a-long with a professional. I made a lot of e-mails and phone calls and finally got in touch with the right folks and was...

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July is not a favorite month for most bass fishermen. Water and air temperatures are hot, and that makes most bass move deep. Fishing can be a sweaty frustration during the day, and many anlgers just...

All bass fishermen dream of April, when the bass are shallow and biting. The fish are in all stages from prespawn to postspawn, and add the shad spawn this month for some incredible fishing early in...

Just a short decade ago, it seems that only western anglers knew what soft swimbaits were all about. Since that time, the genre of lures has spread across the bass-fishing world, and is now a firmly...

Reds & Trout Limits On Georgia’s Lonely Coast
If there’s one thing a fisherman loves, it’s that quiet, tucked-away spot he can escape to all by his lonesome, with no competing boats buzzing by to bother his fish.

Well, how about an ocean?

The Georgia coastline, and beyond, can provide an overlooked fishing bonanza during the fall and winter months. Hunters are in the woods, their boats already prepped for cold weather, and bumper-to-bumper traffic is creeping and whizzing around and through nearby downtown Savannah. But just a handful of miles away, there’s a clear, serene saltwater setting interrupted only by the swirling of feeding redfish. That’s the kind of sound a fisherman wants to hear! And if he wants to know where to find them, he can call Miss Judy.

Judy Helmey knows fish and how to catch them. Her father Capt. Sherman Helmey started one of the first charter fishing outfits near Savannah back in 1948. These 55 years later Miss Judy Charters carries on...

Scary Incident For Trout Fisherman On The Hooch
So I’m pretty embarrassed about this, but I feel like I should share it as a cautionary tale. You can never be too careful, even when the conditions are perfect...

My day started around 6 a.m. when I headed up to Island Ford on the Hooch. I haven’t gotten to get in the...

Other Fishing
GIANT Cats Showing Up Everywhere
May is the time to catch a giant catfish!

GON has been tracking down reports of a number of jaw-dropping flatheads and blues in recent weeks, and we are going to showcase those huge catfish in the June issue of the magazine.

One of those giant cats was caught by Will Bernard, of Watkinsville, at Lake Oconee on April...

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