Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Jackson Bass Mapped For September
The cooler mornings we had in mid August, with temperatures only in the upper 60s, gave bass fishermen hope that September fishing would be better than normal. Early in the month, bass fishing can be tough. But even under tough conditions, the spotted bass at Lake Jackson will bite, and you can catch some good largemouth, too.

Jackson is a very old Georgia Power Co. lake built in 1910. Its shoreline is lined with docks, rocky banks and points. Although most of the deeper structure...

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About the only issue with May fishing is the bass are biting so good on all the lakes you just can’t decide where to go. Choose Allatoona if you want to have fun catching bass after bass on most...

July is not a favorite month for most bass fishermen. Water and air temperatures are hot, and that makes most bass move deep. Fishing can be a sweaty frustration during the day, and many anlgers just...

All bass fishermen dream of April, when the bass are shallow and biting. The fish are in all stages from prespawn to postspawn, and add the shad spawn this month for some incredible fishing early in...

Summer Seatrout On The Drift
The barrier islands along Georgia’s southeast coast provide arguably some of the most beautiful coastal landscapes you will find anywhere. A virtually uninterrupted string of islands, covered in massive moss-laden oaks, is lined up along 100 miles of the Georgia coast. And their individual beauty is enhanced by the miles of salt marsh that surrounds them. Whether you are looking for a fine resort or a pristine wilderness, you’ll find it along this stretch of I-95 that connects Florida to Savannah.

What many don’t realize, however, is that this is also one fine fishery. The marsh is rich in nutrients, and these waters attract, and provide home for, numerous species of fish.

St. Simons Island, near Brunswick, is no exception. While St. Simons is probably best known for its resort and golf courses, there are excellent angling opportunities in the rivers and creeks that wind through the local marshes.

We had the opportunity to...

Scary Incident For Trout Fisherman On The Hooch
So I’m pretty embarrassed about this, but I feel like I should share it as a cautionary tale. You can never be too careful, even when the conditions are perfect...

My day started around 6 a.m. when I headed up to Island Ford on the Hooch. I haven’t gotten to get in the...

Other Fishing
Target Bowfin, The Bait-Crashing Bullies
Whether you call them bowfin (the American Fisheries Society accepted common name), mudfish, grinnel, cypress bass or the whole host of other monikers, this feisty predator is highly underrated. They have a nasty disposition, a face full of teeth and a penchant for ruining fishing lures. What more could you want? OK, so their flesh has a cottony...

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