Monday, March 30, 2015
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Turkey Special : Why Are Turkey Numbers Down?

Allatoona Bass : Matt Driver's March Plan

Sinclair Crappie : Spring Tactics

Giant Black Drum : Monsters Of The Georgia Coast

Winter Bass On West Point
West Point is an excellent lake to have fun catching bass right now, especially if you follow the tips of a local expert who can catch winter bass shallow, deep and in between.

West Point, located on the Chattahoochee River along the Georgia-Alabama border, has a good population of both spotted bass and largemouth. It is a fairly new lake, dammed in the late 1970s, so there are a lot of roadbeds under the water and wood cover both on the shoreline and in deeper water. While new...

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Lake Allatoona has a reputation for being super tough and very selfish with its quality bass. Some even go as far as to call it the “Dead Sea,” but it is far from that. Hopefully this...

Kerry Partain learned a long time ago that February fishing at Lake Hartwell has its own set of rules. “One of the first things you have to do is see what kind of mood...

The rock stars of the professional bass fishing world are coming to Lake Hartwell as the reservoir plays host to the 2015 Bassmaster Classic Feb. 20-22. No Georgians qualified for this...

A Three-Way Plan To Catch Georgia’s Coastal Reds
October is one of the best periods of the year for redfish along the Georgia coast. According to Spud Woodward, the director of the Coastal Resources Division of the Georgia DNR, the life cycle of the red drum provides three varied angling opportunities during the fall.

“There are three distinct populations of redfish in the area around the Golden Isles during October,” said Spud. “And each of those populations offers options to boat these beautiful fish.”

And Spud should know. He has been with the DNR since 1987 and spent much of his early career as a research biologist involved in developing the conservation measures for red drum (redfish). So you might say he is well acquainted with the species. Spud makes his home near the southeast Georgia coast and has been fishing the area for much of his life.

“The once-threatened red drum population in Georgia has responded very well to conservation efforts, and now...

Georgia's New State Record Brown Trout
Catching a big fish is awesome, how about if the first fish you catch that day is a new state record? 

Chad Doughty, age 27, of Winder hooked and battled the new state record brown trout for about 45 minutes while fishing from a kayak on the Chattahoochee River below Buford Dam...

Other Fishing
Target Bowfin, The Bait-Crashing Bullies
Whether you call them bowfin (the American Fisheries Society accepted common name), mudfish, grinnel, cypress bass or the whole host of other monikers, this feisty predator is highly underrated. They have a nasty disposition, a face full of teeth and a penchant for ruining fishing lures. What more could you want? OK, so their flesh has a cottony...

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