Saturday, August 29, 2015
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Lanier Stripers Head For The Dam
Northeast Georgia’s Lake Lanier is one of the premier lakes for striped bass fishing in the Southeast, and June is a great month to catch your limit of these hard-fighting fish. June is a transition month for striped bass as they move from their late-spring shallow-water pattern to their summer deep-water pattern.

Typically, June starts with the fish scattered in the creeks from Little River to Browns Bridge. As June progresses and the water continues to warm, the stripers...

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Hot August weather, grassbeds and bass just go together on some lakes. Throwing a frog to grassbeds and getting explosive strikes is one of the most thrilling ways to fish, and Lake Seminole is one of...

Think it is too hot to go fishing during the day in July? Big bass busting on top will make you forget how hot it is. Plan a trip to Lake Hartwell, and enjoy catching quality fish on topwater plugs....

Spring is finally here! The days are getting longer, and the air is warmer. April is a very popular month for Georgia bass fisherman, and for good reason. For a lot of anglers in middle to north...

Seatrout Without The Shrimp
Spotted seatrout are one of the most popular species along the Georgia coast. They are plentiful, excellent table fare and pretty accessible to anglers. Ask almost anyone in southeast Georgia, and they’ll tell you the best way to make them bite is with a live shrimp dangled under a float. The classic “trout rig” has been around forever, and most trout anglers use it. It simply works.

Capt. Bert Deener, of Waycross, is a region supervisor for the WRD fisheries section, and he loves to catch trout. I met him and his fishing buddy Wyatt Crews, 17, at the Crooked River State Park in mid November for a trout trip. As we pulled away from the ramp, I noticed that all of his rods were rigged with artificial baits.

“I bought my last live shrimp for trout in 1995,” Bert said.

And he told the story about getting hooked on artificials, suspended under floats. On a trip in November of that year, he used the artificial rig...

Other Fishing
Redfin Pike: A Return To Creek Fishin’ Roots
Redfin pickerel, or the redfin pike as the ol’ timers call them—do they still exist? Or, are they simply forgotten? Have most of the small flowing waters they once flourished in long ago silted in and quit flowing? I’ve fished all over Georgia from trout up high to jackfish in the Okefenokee, and until recently I had yet to snag...

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