Monday, November 24, 2014
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Coyote Research : Kill Them All, Or Too Late?

Art of Camo : Sight, Smell & Sound

170-Inch Giants : Crawford, Morgan, Newton

Clarks Hill : Topwater Bass

Jackson Bass Mapped For September
The cooler mornings we had in mid August, with temperatures only in the upper 60s, gave bass fishermen hope that September fishing would be better than normal. Early in the month, bass fishing can be tough. But even under tough conditions, the spotted bass at Lake Jackson will bite, and you can catch some good largemouth, too.

Jackson is a very old Georgia Power Co. lake built in 1910. Its shoreline is lined with docks, rocky banks and points. Although most of the deeper structure...

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Clarks Hill largemouth are a different breed. I was there a couple of weeks ago with Jon Hair, a regular on the tournament scene on this east Georgia reservoir, and we had a blast on an 85-degree...

There is no way around it... bass fishing is tough in August no matter where you go. Hot days make you drip with sweat, and hot water makes bass feed less, especially during the day. But you can catch...

About the only issue with May fishing is the bass are biting so good on all the lakes you just can’t decide where to go. Choose Allatoona if you want to have fun catching bass after bass on most...

A Three-Way Plan To Catch Georgia’s Coastal Reds
October is one of the best periods of the year for redfish along the Georgia coast. According to Spud Woodward, the director of the Coastal Resources Division of the Georgia DNR, the life cycle of the red drum provides three varied angling opportunities during the fall.

“There are three distinct populations of redfish in the area around the Golden Isles during October,” said Spud. “And each of those populations offers options to boat these beautiful fish.”

And Spud should know. He has been with the DNR since 1987 and spent much of his early career as a research biologist involved in developing the conservation measures for red drum (redfish). So you might say he is well acquainted with the species. Spud makes his home near the southeast Georgia coast and has been fishing the area for much of his life.

“The once-threatened red drum population in Georgia has responded very well to conservation efforts, and now...

Scary Incident For Trout Fisherman On The Hooch
So I’m pretty embarrassed about this, but I feel like I should share it as a cautionary tale. You can never be too careful, even when the conditions are perfect...

My day started around 6 a.m. when I headed up to Island Ford on the Hooch. I haven’t gotten to get in the...

Other Fishing
GIANT Cats Showing Up Everywhere
May is the time to catch a giant catfish!

GON has been tracking down reports of a number of jaw-dropping flatheads and blues in recent weeks, and we are going to showcase those huge catfish in the June issue of the magazine.

One of those giant cats was caught by Will Bernard, of Watkinsville, at Lake Oconee on April...

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