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The Muzzy Zero Effect Next Generation

Cartersville, Georgia – Just when you thought the Zero Effect Rest couldn’t get any better, Muzzy raises the bar again with the Zero Effect Next Generation series of rests. Since its introduction into the archery industry in 2000, The Muzzy Zero Effect Arrow Rest can be credited for knocking out common arrow rest problems in one fell swoop. The Zero Effect created a resurgence of drop-away arrow rest technology and has proven to be one of the best and most accurate rests on the market today.

The newly re-designed Zero Effect-Next Generation series of rests come in three new models:
• The 600 PC, designed for compact bows and parallel limb bows with short cable slide travel.
• The 600 Mathews, designed for Mathews roller guard bows.
• The 600 Hoyt, designed for Hoyt Bows.

The new models are packaged in the compartmentalized clamshells, so the rests can be set up for right- or left-hand use. The Hoyt and PC models utilize Muzzy’s new shorter main arm with increased rest travel for the more parallel-limb bows and short slide-travel bows. The PC model creates a more compact, lighter rest as well by using the short side plate.

Each rests comes with a new instructional DVD making proper installation quick and easy. The DVD also includes three awesome Muzzy Moment hunts that you are sure to enjoy.

One of the most innovative and well conceived ideas in the archery industry, the Zero Effect has lived up to its promise by Muzzy to have “zero effect” on the flight of the arrow, thus eliminating problems and hassle attributed to flex, torque and clearance common to most other arrow rest designs.

For more information on Muzzy Products, call 1-866-387-9307, or go to www.muzzy.com.


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