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River2Sea introduces the Dahlberg WideGlide for 2011

Gliding Baits Make a Comeback

(Richmond, CA July 14, 2010) There’s nothing quite like seeing a 150 lb. tuna crash your lure! Or the sight of hungry stripers homing in on your offerings…. just a few feet away from you! A big Bull Dorado…. completely lit up…chasing your lure as if to say, hey "I want some of that"! World-renowned angler and TV’s "Hunt For Big Fish" host Larry Dahlberg has seen these "blow outs” over and over again, in his fishing career, and so can you! Together with RIVER2SEA, Dahlberg created one of the most effective "gliding" lures ever…. the WIDEGLIDE. Available in both "surface" and "sub-surface", this lure goes way beyond the traditional "popper" we’ve seen before. As opposed to "walking" or a side to side lure, which can give only a short back and forth motion, a WIDEGLIDE can dance the maximum distance, side to side, if you let it!

The WIDEGLIDE is a high performance walking bait that zigs and zags, side to side with a wide gliding action, rather than slapping the water in a narrow back and forth motion of other “walk the dog” types of baits. By doing a quick retrieve, than pausing, and twitching the rod tip only a few inches, giving the slack to the lure…causes this lure to draw more strikes than anything we’ve ever fished for tuna or stripers! Says Pro Staffer John Linckens.

Made of high impact plastic, the WIDEGLIDE features state of the art "internal scaling" which add realism and belly flash for a treat no big fish can resist. The five outstanding paint schemes mean the this lure is available in the colors your looking for. Available in 2 very distinct models, the WIDEGLIDE offers actions to suit a wide range of fishing opportunities. The “subsurface” style, is deadly when the fish are deeper and they refuse to come up to take a look at your top water baits. The surface (floating) style not only "walks the dog" on top…. but can dart and glide lazily just below the surface twitching and flashing it’s colors to any willing predators below. In order to cover a broad range of fish attracted to this style of bait, in both freshwater and saltwater, the WIDEGLIDE is available in 2 different sizes, the 4 1/2" minnow size, and the 7 7/8" big bait model. With it’s full stainless steel harness and 3X or 4X strong RIVER2SEA hooks, the rear one which has matching feathers and a sparkle of flashabou, the WIDEGLIDE was built to take the punishing strikes vicious predators make, when seeing this bait for the first time.

The 4 1/2" minnow size is deadly on largemouth, small mouth and stripers in the freshwater….easily replacing the standard surface bait or jerk bait with a more vibrant "gliding / rolling" action that attract big bass. The 7 7/8” “sub-surface” version can be made to zip back and forth a few feet under the surface, traveling as much as eight feet side to side, while moving forward only a couple of feet before coming to a near neutrally buoyant…. quivering stop.

Saltwater anglers will rejoice as the lure has been proven over and over again on many big game fish such as large tuna, bull dorado, giant trevaly, and of course big stripers. Musky anglers should recognize WIDEGLIDE from the many times it’s been featured on the "Hunt For Big Fish" by Dahlberg. Made to cast like a bullet into even the heaviest of winds, the 4 1/2” sub-surface model weights 1 1/8 ounces, while the 7 7/8" sub-surface model weights 5 oz., clearing any doubts about castability or distance on the windiest of days.

So there you have it….light enough to "walk the dog" (surface model) for largemouth, or heavy enough to twitch and glide to a quivering stop (sub surface model) for musky, the WIDEGLIDE is a must for any serious fisherman’s arsenal.


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