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Realtree’s Nocked ‘N Loaded

Realtree Loads Up with New DVD

COLUMBUS, Ga.—There are certain dates in American history that deserve a little extra love, like August 3. On that day 515 years ago, a no-name explorer hopped on his little boat from Palos de la Frontera, Spain, eventually to step foot on undiscovered land where we now live. And not that Realtree is trying to put Columbus in the shadows, they are trying to make some history of their own by producing the most action-packed bowhunting DVD of all time—“Nocked ‘N Loaded.” (Whether it’s as big a hit as The New World is yet to be seen, but the boys and girls at Realtree are pretty fired up about it.)

“Nocked ‘N Loaded,” hosted by Travis “T-Bone” Turner, features a unique storyline of a father and son learning the ins and outs of archery. The viewer decides whether he wants to follow the father or the son on their journey to becoming a bona fide archer. T-Bone walks both newcomers through the excitement of picking the right bow; then he shows them how to use it through an advanced breakdown of what it takes to be a great archer.

Intertwined in the “Two-Track” format are 14 bowhunts that will get the blood pumping. Team Realtree members cover nine states on their way to letting a few arrows fly at some of the gnarliest bucks ever seen, including a 172-inch brute arrowed by Lee Lakosky.

Extra Features Include:
•    Trick shots by Byron Ferguson and Randy Oitker
•    Shot placement tips hosted by Matt Moore of Closing the Distance
•    Printable targets, autograph cards and tip sheets

To learn more about “Nocked ‘N Loaded” and to sign up for updates, visit www.nockednloaded.com. You can purchase your copy at www.realtree.com/store on August 3.


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