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Muzzy’s Big Game Xtreme 4

Muzzy’s Big Game Xtreme 4

Cartersville, Georgia – Not for the faint of heart, “Big Game Xtreme 4” will shock your system with 18 hunts so intense that they’ll leave you out of breath and wanting more.

Watch as six of Muzzy’s pros travel across North America and Canada with their bow, rifle or muzzleloader in hand in search of big-game action and non-stop adventure. You’ll follow along as these skilled hunters take on large and dangerous animals in Colorado, Alaska, Texas, Illinois, New Mexico, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories.

The quest for moose, elk, grizzly, mule deer, antelope, mountain goat, whitetail, mule deer, caribou, mountain lion and black bear will take these pros across some of the most unforgiving landscapes and through the harshest weather you’ve ever witnessed. When little just won’t do, “Big Game Xtreme 4” steps up in a big way.

You can purchase “Big Game Xtreme 4” at your local Muzzy retailer or online at www.muzzy.com. You’ll receive a free Muzzy window decal with your purchase.

For more information on Muzzy Products, call 1-800-222-7769, or go to www.muzzy.com.


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