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Bad To The Bone Bucks 5

Bad to the Bone Bucks 5

Cartersville, Georgia — If its big bucks, action-packed adventure and heart-stopping close-ups you want, then call up some friends and claim your seat because Muzzy’s “Bad to the Bone Bucks 5” will give you all this and more.

Unlike any hunting footage you’ve ever seen, these heart-pounding whitetail encounters will take you the edge and back with intensity like you’ve never before experienced.

Follow along with the Muzzy pros as they travel across six states in North America, including Texas, Kansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, as well as Saskatchewan, Canada, taking on rugged terrain and intense weather conditions in pursuit of these trophy monsters.

You’ll watch pros like Stan Potts, Greg Miller, Ray Boone, Fred and Michele Eichler, Ted Jaycox, Pat Reeve and Ginger & Jesse Morehead test their wits and skills during 15 thrilling hunts.

Footage of Tom Miranda’s unbelievable 172” monster Texas buck and Lindsey Paterson’s Saskatchewan giant will leave you wide-eyed and with a raging case of buck fever.

You can purchase “Bad to the Bone Bucks 5” at your local Muzzy retailer or online at www.muzzy.com. You’ll receive a free Muzzy window decal with your purchase.

For more information on Muzzy Products, call 1-866-387-9307.


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