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Other Georgia Hunting

By Brad Bailey | October 7, 2008

Lanier Goose Hunter Confronted By Sheriff’s Deputies

Missed communication with a park caretaker on Lake Lanier led to a legal goose hunter being confronted by…

By GON Staff | April 1, 2008

Dream Hunts Yield Quail and Pheasant for SEEDS

Ten kids plus parents, five guides and dogs, plus 33 quail and 23 pheasants made for a great…

By Brad Bailey | April 26, 2006

Return to Cohutta for Grouse

Monte’s Brittany Spaniel was getting birdy. As we watched from a Forest Service road, the dog worked the…

By Brad Bailey | April 6, 2006

Pecan Grove Crow Shoot

He is Georgia’s best-known crow hunter: Jerry Tomlin of Milledgeville has been hunting crows for more than 20…

By John Seginak | January 19, 2005

Allure Of Coon Hunting

Ol’ Slick “opened up” with a loud tenor bawl, about a half-mile into the Broad River bottoms. He