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Youth Project Produces 190 Wood-Duck Boxes!

GONetwork and Henry County Water Authority team up for the third annual Kids Duck Box Building Day.

The GONetwork and the Henry County Water and Sewerage Authority (HCWSA) hosted the third-annual Kids Duck Box Building Day on Feb. 16.

The event, held at HCWSA’s Cubihatcha Outdoor Center in Locust Grove, attracted about 75 people, including 31 kids.

The project, which began as an effort to simply get kids involved in an outdoor-related efforts alongside their parents, has grown into a major conservation success story. In one day, the kids and adult volunteers put together 190 wood-duck boxes that will soon be added to 142 boxes already put out over the last two years. Those earlier boxes had a 75 percent rate of nesting success last year.

“This was third year that we held this event. It just keeps growing each year,” said GONetwork Sportsman Senator Jeff Scott. “It’s amazing what this has become. We started out just wanting to put together something to get kids outdoors and working with their parents. We’re pretty proud of it.

“It wouldn’t be possible without the partnership with the Henry County Water Authority. The way they go about getting kids involved in conservation and getting them outside —they’re gung-ho on it. It really makes it easy for us when we have such great partners,” Jeff said.

“No matter what the age, everybody seemed to have a good time. When they’re working with their mom or dad on a project like that, it’s refreshing. You don’t see enough of that anymore,” Jeff said.

Each kid received a $25 gift certificate from On the Square Gun, Pawn & Jewelry, and lunch was provided by Pippin’s Barbeque.

Visit the GONetwork website at <www.georgiaoutdoornetwork.org> for more information on conservation projects and outdoor activities for kids.


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