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Sportsman’s Pantry Ready For Venison

Here are the first five processors participating in the Sportsman's Pantry program and contributing venison to local qualifying charities.

Over the past several years, Georgia’s charitable deer donation program has suffered. This year, they suspended deer processing completely.

To fill this void, groups are joining together to once again make the charitable giving of sportsmen less of a headache and more of an effective program on the ground and in their local communities.

For starters, the Georgia Hunting and Fishing Federation, the Georgia Chapter of Safari Club International and GONetwork have joined together to create the framework for a program called the Sportsman’s Pantry.

More than $15,000 has been raised to reimburse cooperating deer processors for processing donated deer. To help the Sportsman’s Pantry get off to a good start, these processors have agreed to be reimbursed only $1 per pound of venison they grind this year.

Processors working directly with the Sportsman’s Pantry include:

Crane’s Taxidermy
3960 Southside Drive
(770) 974-4659

Newborn Taxidermy
4227 Highway 142
(770) 786-3350

Hick’s Deer Processing
1108 Crawford-Smithonia Road
(706) 743-3137

Wildlife Reflections Processing
2381 Highway 36 E
(404) 569-7173

Scotty’s Deer Barn
358 Norristown-Covena Road
(478) 668-4572

Many other groups work locally, independently, doing the same good work. They include processors Hilsman’s, in McDonough, and Statesboro First United Methodist Church, and many, many more.

Expect the list above to grow. This information will be available and updated on the GON website and Facebook page.

If you have a program you would like to be included in our list of organizations who donate venison, or if you would like to contribute funds to the program or become a cooperating processor, contact GONetwork by email at <burch@gon.com>.


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