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Find a New Club Or Members With GON’s Hunting Land Special

GON wants to help you fill a club, find a place to hunt, look for land to lease or advertise land for lease.

The annual Hunting Land Special is coming. Fill out the coupon below, and send it to us so we can print your ad in the July issue.

Include only one phone number on your coupon. E-mail addresses will count as part of your 20-word ad copy.

If you fit into more than one category, photocopy the coupon and fill copies out separately. The deadline is Friday, June 11.

Mail coupons to: Hunting Land Special, 4331 Seven Islands Road, Madison, GA 30650 or fax it to (706) 342-2022. E-mailed ads will also be accepted, but e-mails must include all of the information specified in the coupon, or they will not be published. E-mail coupons to <carter@gon.com>. Type Hunting Land Special in the subject head.

Click here to download and print the hunting land coupon.


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