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Buck, The Coyote-Stomping Donkey

Have a coyote problem? You wouldn't if you had Buck in the backyard.

We can hear it now… daylight breaks, and the sound of braying donkeys echoes through the deer woods. Hunters, refusing to throw up their hands and do nothing about coyotes eating all the fawns and turkeys, turn instead to the Donkey Solution.

All kidding aside, it’s no secret that donkeys despise coyotes. That’s why donkeys are often pastured with goats and other farm animals.

Meet “Buck,” a South Carolina donkey that didn’t appreciate the bold daytime ramblings of a local coyote.

Buck lives on a small backyard pasture belonging to Steve Hipps. Steve lives on 9 acres in Simpsonville, S.C., which is just southeast of Greenville about 60 miles up I-85 from the Georgia line at Lake Hartwell.

Buck used to share his pasture with a girlfriend, but after some baby donkeys showed up, Steve decided Buck would have the pasture to himself.

“I just wanted something in there to keep the grass eaten down, and I’ve always loved donkeys.”

Steve said coyotes are not uncommon in his area, but this particular one was unusual.

“This one was coming out during the daylight hours. I saw it a couple of times—mid morning, early afternoon.

“This one day, my cousin, who lives behind me, called at about 6 o’clock in the evening and said, ‘That coyote’s coming through my yard heading your way.’

“And we live in a populated area,” Steve said. “This thing came across the field in broad daylight.

And the donkey didn’t like it.

“By the time I got over there, Buck was stomping the coyote. Then he reached down and picked him up by the neck and started slinging him like a rag doll. I grabbed my phone and got two pictures.”

The female coyote learned a hard lesson… don’t mess with Buck.


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